Breaking news: 49ers Coach and staff in tears as rookie QB insist to join New York Giant

49ers would prefer to trade Elijah Mitchell (but probably won’t have much luck).
With one exception, trading Elijah Mitchell makes sense.
Elijah Mitchell was on a trade-candidate list, but there’s a good reason why the 49ers might struggle to move him.

There are several signs that running back Elijah Mitchell is not in the San Francisco 49ers’ long-term plans.
Despite setting a franchise record for most rushing yards by a rookie with 963 in 2021, the Niners have accumulated additional options to replace him, including two failed third-round NFL draftees in Trey Sermon and Tyrion Davis-Price prior to the high-profile trade that resulted in Christian McCaffrey.

San Francisco also developed reserve rusher Jordan Mason into a competent change-of-pace tailback while selecting Louisville’s Isaac Guerendo in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

Given that Mitchell’s contract expires after 2024, it appears unlikely that he will stay.
So, why not try to acquire something for Mitchell in exchange by putting him on the trade block?

Well, it’s not that easy.

Trading Elijah Mitchell would not be simple for the 49ers.
Fans and many pundits can easily look at an excess item on a roster, even a bad one, and say something like, “We should trade him.”

But here’s the catch: Another team must desire to trade for that guy.

Teams rarely give away significant assets, particularly draft picks. Especially when there are undoubtedly plenty of still-available names on the free-agent market who would only cost the expense of whatever deal they can command.

Nonetheless, Mitchell’s name just appeared on a Bleacher Report list of players the 49ers might likely deal this year before the regular season begins:

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