MLB Breaking: Cardinals Agree Deal To Sign Six-time All-Star After Sonny Gray Injury

MLB Breaking: Cardinals Agree Deal To Sign Six-time All-Star After Sonny Gray Injury

The depth of St. Louis’ starting pitching already faces scrutiny.

Similar issues from last year are already plaguing the St. Louis Cardinals.

While St. Louis possessed plenty of skill going into the 2023 campaign, there were concerns regarding the starting lineup. In the end, the team was completely destroyed by injuries and patchy play, and St. Louis had one of their worst seasons in recent memory.

The Cardinals still have uncertainties even after adding Sonny Gray, Lance Lynn, and Kyle Gibson via free agency. Gray will miss time, but it’s not known how much, so this will put the club’s depth to the test right away.

Without Gray, St. Louis’ rotation isn’t as good as that of the other elite clubs in the National League. The team could use another front-line starter, such as Jordan Montgomery or Blake Snell, but a significant expenditure now appears doubtful.

But in order to avoid the same problems as the previous season, the team could still add more depth. There are still a number of reasonably priced mid-tier choices with potential.

Zack Greinke, a six-time All-Star, is one player that fits this profile and could be a good fit for the Cardinals. Even while the 40-year-old may not be as good as he once was, he might still provide the back of the rotation additional depth.

Greinke made 30 appearances for the Kansas City Royals last season and posted a 5.06 ERA; however, in 2022, he recorded a 3.68 ERA. Given his age, he would be a very strong pickup if he could pitch at the same level as he did in 2022, if not slightly worse.

The American League Cy Young Award winner from 2009 has stated that, although he hasn’t found his next opportunity, he hopes to pitch in 2024. He might not be able to entirely sway the needy in St. Louis’ favor at this stage of his career, but it wouldn’t hurt.

The depth of St. Louis is currently being examined, and adding more wouldn’t hurt.

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