Breaking: Raiders Agree Deal To Sign Star QB In Blockbuster Trade

Breaking: Raiders Agree Deal To Sign Star QB In Blockbuster Trade

As the 2024 NFL Draft gets closer, it’s looking less and less likely the Las Vegas Raiders will be able to exchange up into the beat three to arrive one of the first class quarterback prospects. Be that as it may, it’s not completely outlandish, agreeing to The Athletic’s Tashan Reed.

LSU’s Jayden Daniels has been most commonly connected to the Looters due to his past ties with head coach Antonio Penetrate. In a later deride draft, Reed ventures Las Vegas to form two separate trades. One would be to induce the No. 7 choose from the Tennessee Titans which would at that point be utilized to exchange up and get the No. 3 choose from the New Britain Loyalists.

“Altogether, I paid a beautiful penny to move up to No. 3 — a to begin with– and third-round choose in 2024 and a to begin with-, moment– and fourth-round choose in 2025 — but I felt it was worth it to arrive a quarterback with star potential,” Reed composed in a March 7 taunt draft.

Getting up to No. 3 whereas as it were giving up two first-round picks in add up to would be a stroke of brilliance from common manager Tom Telesco. That said, it would be exceptionally troublesome to create that happen. This situation would require a parcel of luckiness for the Marauders but anything is conceivable on draft day.

Why Jayden Daniels Makes Sense for Las Vegas Raiders

Most people rank Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and Caleb Williams as the top three quarterback prospects in the draft. Williams is most likely going to be selected first, with Maye coming in second or third.

The Raiders would probably have little chance of obtaining the quarterback unless they are lucky enough that the Washington Commanders rank Maye higher than Daniels at little. 2. Daniels is a perfect fit for Las Vegas, as Tashan Reed explained in detail.

Reed stated, “Pierce worked with Daniels for three seasons at Arizona State after recruiting him out of high school.” Their lengthy partnership does not ensure Daniels will work out. However, that familiarity is helpful in helping Pierce assimilate the quarterback into the Raiders’ culture, acquaint the coaching staff with Daniels’ strengths, and prepare him for success. Pierce has a great deal of personal and professional relationship with Daniels.

Daniels has expressed admiration for Pierce, and the two have a history together. The Raiders would have a great chance of adding him if he could choose his landing site, but that isn’t how the draft operates.

Is Landing Jayden Daniels Realistic?

The Raiders have a good chance of acquiring Jayden Daniels. The fact that they require numerous situations to play out is what makes it challenging. All of this is meaningless if the Commanders choose Daniels to Drake Maye. Washington will want to make the most of their high draft pick because they are in desperate need of a quarterback.

The Patriots are a threat to the Raiders if Daniels is able to sneak past the Commanders. A long-term rebuild is underway in New England, but they too have a significant quarterback need. It is imperative for Las Vegas to hope that the Patriots decide to start their rookie quarterback clock later and use their picks to fill out the rest of the roster. Though the Raiders will need a lot of luck, it is feasible.

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