Breaking: Colts Agree Deal To Sign $20 Million Super Bowl champion

Breaking: Colts Agree Deal To Sign $20 Million Super Bowl champion

Going into 2024, the Colts’ roster has some gaps. This player would be very beneficial.

The Indianapolis Colts often don’t make a big splash in free agency because Chris Ballard has demonstrated a very cautious mindset. He prefers to hang onto cap space for maximum flexibility and is not one to give up draft picks readily. This may be the year, the player, and the needy position if there ever were such a thing.

A player to watch as free agency gets underway is L’Jarius Sneed. Despite the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs franchised tagged him, a trade may still very well involve him. He was a lock down corner, and according to Tyler Dragon of USA Today, he might be among the finest in the field.

“Sneed is one of the best zone cover corners in the NFL. According to Next Gen Stats, Sneed allowed no touchdowns and a league-low four yards per target while in zone coverage in 2023.”

The sheer number of teams vying for his services is not shocking. The Colts are one of those purportedly optimistic clubs.

Everything is, at best, gossip at this moment. This is what makes this time of year both enjoyable and annoying. Most of these rumors and claims will never materialize. That does not imply that it ought to. It remains to be seen if the Colts will attempt to get Sneed through trade, consider other free agents, or use the draft, but they must take action. It’s imperative to add seasoned talent to the role. Although Sneed would be perfect, he would also have to pay a price, therefore it could be better to select on day three and in the second round.

It’s unlikely that this will be a Ballard-style change. Ballard won’t engage in a bidding war with the number of teams who appear interested. Although Sneed is a quality player, this offseason there will be other players and possibilities to add talent at the position. Even though it is unlikely, it is something to watch, if only for curiosity’s sake.

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