Breaking: Cardinals Are Making Move To Land $140 Million Superstar Pitcher To Bolster Rotation

Breaking: Cardinals Are Making Move To Land $140 Million Superstar Pitcher To Bolster Rotation

Could St. Louis actually land the superstar soon?

Recently, the St. Louis Cardinals received some unfavorable news.

The hamstring strain that Cardinals ace Sonny Gray recently sustained has many wondering if he will be ready for Opening Day. Although Gray is making improvement, it is still unknown how much time he will lose.

Some have been speculating that the team should add another player to the rotation even before to Gray’s injury. Even with the addition of Gray, Lance Lynn, and Kyle Gibson, St. Louis is still in need of a top arm.

Although Opening Day is quickly approaching, there are still some intriguing free agency alternatives available. Blake Snell, the two-time Cy Young Award winner, is unquestionably the best choice available.

Though it’s unknown where he will end up, Jon Heyman of the New York Post unexpectedly mentioned the Cardinals as a possibility for the superstar.

“The (San Francisco Giants) probably need Snell most,” added Heyman. “They appear to be in over their heads in the extremely competitive (National League) West, even with their great pickups. They recently lost 40% of their rotation due to injuries sustained during training to Keaton Winn and Tristan Beck. The Giants have lots of incentive in addition to plenty of wealth; they have already spent a quarter of a billion dollars this winter, but that was eclipsed by the rival Dodgers’ $1 billion plus.

“Plenty of other teams could make sense, including the Cardinals (their rotation looks pretty underwhelming even after some early adds), (the Philadelphia Phillies) (their rotation is excellent, but Taijuan Walker is hurting and they want to win as much as anyone), (Seattle Mariners) (Snell’s hometown team), and whatever team suffers the next injury scare.”

At the start of the offseason, Snell was connected to the Cardinals, but as of yet, nothing has came of it. Although an insider like Heyman is giving St. Louis a chance, a relocation should be viewed as doubtful.

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