Breaking: Colts Are ‘Making Strong Push’ To Sign $47.1 million QB To Bolster Rotation

Breaking: Colts Are ‘Making Strong Push’ To Sign $47.1 million QB To Bolster Rotation

The Indianapolis Colts were mentioned by an NFL insider as a possible bidder for a quarterback who is allegedly available for trade.

Anthony Richardson is the starting quarterback of the future for the Indianapolis Colts. But with backup Gardner Minshew leaving for the Los Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis needs a suitable insurance policy to cover Richardson.

The Colts may choose to use Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields in that position, according to NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if Justin Fields winds up as a backup with the Colts or Eagles,” Allbright said in the comment posted on X.

“Several teams that were being reported were never in play, and the market has been incredibly thin on him as the Bears have shopped him for a few weeks.”

Fields is not a good option for a backup quarterback. But Fields’ worth isn’t what most people thought it was, considering the dearth of interest from QB-needy teams and a lack of winning games. With Indianapolis and head coach Shane Steichen, it may be a wonderful transition if he ends up as a backup.

Regarding Fields serving as the Colts’ backup quarterback, Allbright released additional details.

“I said Colts on air,” Allbright wrote. “Restore AR. Resurrect Shane Steichen’s profession with a man who will accommodate his abilities, etc.”

Caleb Williams, the quarterback for USC, is rumored to be the first pick chosen by the Bears in the draft. Fields is undoubtedly a physical force with promise, but in Chicago, he has demonstrated his limits as a passer.

Fields has made 38 starts throughout his three-year career, completing 578 of 958 passes (60.3%) for 6,674 yards, 40 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions. Running is Fields’ strongest suit; in 2022 alone, he gained 1,143 yards on the ground out of 356 rushes for 2,220 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Finding out where Fields ends up will be interesting because it doesn’t appear like he has a lot of demand for a starting position. Although Fields has a bigger ceiling than any of the other available senior free-agent backup quarterbacks, there are still those who are qualified.

Steichen might develop into a reliable backup quarterback should he be needed if he could mentor a passer like Fields. There is still a persistent belief that Chris Ballard will sign a seasoned field general rather than give up anything to acquire Fields. But with free agency, anything can happen.

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