Breaking: Cardinals Agree Deal To Sign $8.5 Million Two-Time All-Star To Add More Depth

Breaking: Cardinals Agree Deal To Sign $8.5 Million Two-Time All-Star To Add More Depth

There are still several uncertainties in St. Louis’ starting lineup.

Even though Opening Day is quickly approaching, a wave of free agents will still be signed in the near future.

There are still a few good free agent alternatives available, and as teams start to trim their Spring Training rosters, that number will probably rise.

It might make sense for the St. Louis Cardinals to add one or two players. Like many other teams, St. Louis has already had to cope with starting rotation injuries.

Sonny Gray, a top free agent signing, has struggled in camp because to a hamstring ailment. Although everything has been going well and he might not lose much, if any, time during the regular season, St. Louis’ starting pitching depth is still a major worry.

Due to difficulties in the starting rotation, the Cardinals had a difficult 2023; therefore, the team should be even more motivated to add more depth. While Gray might not miss much time, the Cardinals could have another season similar to the previous one if he sustained a major injury.

Although St. Louis might not make another headline-grabbing acquisition, such as reuniting with Jordan Montgomery, a seasoned depth addition ought to be on the horizon. One player who might be a good fit is Johnny Cueto, a two-time All-Star.

As a sixteen-year big league veteran, he is searching for his next chance. Cueto posted a 6.02 ERA in 13 appearances during the Miami Marlins’ 2018 campaign, but he fared considerably better in 2022. With the Chicago White Sox in 2022, he had a 3.35 ERA and a 102-to-33 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Because of his struggles last season, he likely could be signed to a very cheap big-league deal or even a minor-league contract. St. Louis does seem to be in a better place, but it could never hurt to add more cheap, veteran depth.

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