Report: $125.5m Wide Receiver agree to take pay cut to join Steelers

REPORT: San Francisco 49ers Interested In Trading Star Wide Receiver Who Reached Out To Steelers’ Head Coach
The San Francisco 49ers are allegedly interested in signing one of their top wide receivers before the 2024 season. Before free agency began, there were whispers that the 49ers may deal Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk to aid with cap space difficulties.

Brandon Aiyuk sent Mike Tomlin a note.
During the 49ers’ Super Bowl defeat, Aiyuk seemed upset by his lack of targets. According to Daniel Yerushalmi of GH, Aiyuk sent a message to Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin that sparked interest among NFL fans regarding a potential trade:

This all began on Tuesday afternoon, when the San Francisco 49ers star wide receiver Aiyuk posted the following statement on X:Ezoic

“@CoachTomlin, they say we’re twins.” “What do you think?”

It is worth noting that this is Aiyuk’s first post in about a year, which may be just coincidental. However, many NFL fans believe this is a plea for a trade. After trading one of their best receivers, the Steelers may be on the market for another player to replace Wilson in his first season with the team.

There could be more smoke on the trade front. This summer, the 49ers stated that they intended to keep Aiyuk long-term.

The Pittsburgh Steelers need Diontae Johnson’s successor.
Following the trade of Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers last week, the Steelers need another wide receiver. They have been connected to Tyler Boyd this summer. However, Aiyuk may be the sort of talent the Steelers want to develop around in an offense plagued by quarterback uncertainty. He undoubtedly assisted Brock Purdy on his journey.












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