Breaking: Raiders Slammed for Overpaying $25 Million Free Agent

Breaking: Raiders Slammed for Overpaying $25 Million Free Agent

The Los Vegas Raiders signed Gardner Minshew to a two-year, $25 million contract in the offseason to fill a major quarterback need. Although Minshew hasn’t been a reliable starter in his career, he will go up against the Raiders for the starting spot.

The team could have paid too much for him, too. Despite being a fan of Minshew, Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus listed the deal as the least desirable move Las Vegas has made this offseason.

In a commentary published on March 21, Spielberger stated, “The Raiders get a respectable bridge starter in the fold but need to actually add the other end of the bridge, with the No. 13 pick currently burning a hole in their pocket.” It looks like they’ll be competing with the Minnesota Vikings, who are ranked No. 11 overall, and the Denver Broncos, who are ranked No. 12, to move up for a quarterback. Even with his limited potential, Minshew managed to save the Colts’ season and earned this contract. Ultimately, the question remains whether the Raiders could have agreed to a similar bridge option for a lower sum of money.

An annual salary of $12.5 million is exorbitant for a quarterback who may still be a backup. Nevertheless, quarterback is the most vital position in the NFL, and injuries to this position cost numerous teams their seasons last year. Minshew will still be valuable to the squad even if he doesn’t start.

Aidan O’Connell Competing for Starting QB Job

The highest-paid quarterback on the Raiders, Gardner Minshew, is not a lock to start. He understood going into the team that he would have to fight for the starting position.

The Athletic’s Mike Jones reports that 2023 fourth-round selection Aidan O’Connell has a strong chance to take over as the starting quarterback this offseason.

In a column published on March 22, Jones stated, “Minshew helped keep the Colts in the mix in the AFC South last season before they narrowly missed the playoffs.” He will now play against Aidan O’Connell in Las Vegas. O’Connell, a 2023 rookie out of Purdue, replaced Jimmy Garoppolo and finished with a 5-5 record, 12 touchdown passes, seven interceptions, and a completion percentage of 62.1 percent. Minshew has shown he can start in this league with his 7–6 record, 15 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and a completion percentage of 66.2. O’Connell is liked by the Raiders, but this should be a competitive game. If nothing else, Minshew provides better depth.

Throughout the season’s final four games, O’Connell performed admirably. As a starter, he had a 3-1 record and threw eight touchdowns against zero interceptions. Although he has little room for growth, he has shown that he is capable of playing quarterback in the NFL.

Las Vegas Could Also Add Rookie QB

The Raiders will have quarterbacks other than Aidan O’Connell and Gardner Minshew on the roster when training camp begins. They’ll draft one or add another in free agency.

The team is very likely to select a quarterback in the draft, perhaps even in the first round. Despite their good performances, neither Minshew nor O’Connell rank among the NFL’s top 20 quarterbacks. Without outstanding quarterback play, winning a Super Bowl is extremely tough. The Raiders should try a young quarterback, even if they have to wait until later in the draft.


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