Breaking: Vikings Poised To Sign $55 Million Pro-Bowl Quarterback

Breaking: Vikings Poised To Sign $55 Million Pro-Bowl Quarterback

The Minnesota Vikings acquired the No. 23 pick in the NFL Draft from the Houston Texans through a trade for another first-round selection. The Vikings have a chance to trade up and select a quarterback they think they can trust with two first-round selections. But there’s also a chance they trade those picks for an established quarterback like Miami Dolphins player Tua Tagovailoa.

In a “First Things First” episode, Nick Wright pleaded with the Vikings to give the Dolphins those picks in order to acquire Tagovailoa.

I would tell the Dolphins, ‘Hey, you know how Minnesota gained an additional first-round pick?’ if I were giving them advice. They want a quarterback, which is why they have the 11th and 23rd picks.

“I would give them a call to find out their thoughts on Tua Tagovailoa. At quarterback, you might have steadiness, which might allay Justin Jefferson’s concerns.

The Vikings still have questions to address this offseason because there is still uncertainty around their future. This would address the majority of their concerns over their quarterback choice.

Receiving first-round picks might be intriguing to the Dolphins, but considering their current situation and their potential to contend for a Super Bowl, dealing Tagovailoa might not be the best course of action.

Dolphins Urged to Trade Tagovailoa

Joel Klatt proposed trading Tagovailoa to the Miami Dolphins. In order to enable the Dolphins to draft Washington’s Michael Penix Jr., he recommended that they trade Tagovailoa.

These remarks were made during a March 21 broadcast of “The Joel Klatt Show.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, so we waited.” I’m going to repeat what I did in my previous mock. And all I’ve been doing is waiting for news about the Tua contract… I find it telling that Tua does not have a deal. According to my assessment, Tua is not suited for Mike McDaniel’s offense.

Penix, in his opinion, would be a better fit for them and their offensive style.

“If you look at what Miami actually does, they really need a guy who can pass down the field accurately, on time, and with a lot of leverage. Michael Penix is a guy who just so happens to be sitting there with it as his best quality.

The Dolphins avoided giving up their pick in this scenario, but if they made the trade that Wright recommended with the Minnesota Vikings, they may secure Penix.

Should the Dolphins Make This Trade?

Even if Tagovailoa hasn’t helped the Miami Dolphins reach their goals, sending him to the Minnesota Vikings doesn’t make things better.

It would be wiser for them to trade Tagovailoa for a proven NFL quarterback if they were to do so. With 4,624 passing yards, Tagovailoa led the NFL in 2023, demonstrating his potential as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback.

Many doubted his health going into the season. With Tagovailoa for the entire season, the Dolphins experienced their best campaign in a very long time.

After his season, it would be interesting, to say the least, to move him to the Vikings or any other club.

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