Ex-Dolphins CB Xavien Howard Says He’s Open to Taking a Pay Cut

Howard discussed the possibility of joining the Houston Texans during an appearance on “The OGs Podcast” on March 19. He even stated he would accept a pay drop to play for a contender.

“I would like carrying that out. In particular, the crib at home,” Howard remarked. “I would like to join a team that will advance farther in the playoffs in exchange for a wage drop. I have my money and all that. “How much money do you really need?” is how direct I am.

With their quarterbacking concerns, the Vikings might appear far from contending, but the Texans were in a similar situation prior to selecting C.J. Stroud in the previous year. The Vikings are about to have enough cap room to add elite free agents to compliment a quarterback on a rookie-level deal.

Following the draft, if Howard is impressed with Minnesota, the Vikings have a chance to contend and draw in the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback.

Xavien Howard’s Fit With Vikings

Howard’s performance was significantly lower last season, according to Pro Football Focus grades, but that was partially because of how teams faced the Dolphins.

Teams accepted what was offered underneath rather than taking Howard and Jaleen Ramsey on the outside.

From Pro Football Reference’s inception in 2018, Howard has allowed the fewest yards per completion (10.7) while seeing the second-lowest yards per target (6.8).

Teams were unwilling to challenge Howard, as evidenced by his lone interception in 2023. Despite this, he managed an 81.3 passer rating allowed in spite of the dearth of opportunities he had to break up plays.

While the splashy plays that defined his prime haven’t surfaced the past two seasons, Howard is arguably better in coverage on a snap-to-snap basis. He could be an eraser of top receivers the Vikings face and force offenses to cut the field in half.