Report: Steelers set to cut ties with Russell Wilson as they announce the replacement

Steelers might release Russell Wilson if Justin Fields outplays him in the summer, according to an executive.
The Pittsburgh Steelers struggled on offense all season. They made the playoffs as a Wild Card club last year, but the

method they chose was unconventional. They would routinely fail to score points in the opening three quarters, relying on their defense to keep opponents at bay. Mike Tomlin’s squad would find their offense in the fourth quarter, which was enough to propel them to the playoffs.

Starting quarterback Kenny Pickett struggled to command the offense, and the Steelers didn’t see consistent offensive performance until Pickett was injured and Mason Rudolph entered the lineup. Pickett and Rudolph seemed to be competing for the starting job in 2024, but Rudolph signed a one-year, $2.87 million free-agent contract with the Tennessee Titans, while Pickett was moved to the Philadelphia Eagles.

To enhance their squad, the Steelers quickly acquired quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Tomlin stated that Wilson will be the starter in the following season, with Fields serving as the backup.

Tomlin said that a quarterback with Wilson’s experience — ten years with the Seattle Seahawks and two with the Denver Broncos — has a lot to offer in addition to established positional qualities. Fields is coming off three seasons with the Chicago Bears, and while his running ability and throwing strength were impressive, his lack of consistency was a huge concern.
Wilson was labeled as an offseason starter, but…
Wilson will hold the No. 1 slot on the depth chart throughout the team’s summer preparations and, most likely, into training camp. Fields, on the other hand, will have opportunities to demonstrate his abilities and potential. Tomlin has stated that Fields would not be shortchanged.

An NFL executive was recently quoted as stressing that there are no assurances. If Fields outperforms Wilson and secures the starting quarterback position, the Steelers may not need to keep Wilson on the roster.
The Steelers do not pay Wilson or Fields over market rates. Wilson signed a one-year contract at $1.21 million in 2024, while Fields is on the fourth and final year of his rookie contract, which pays him slightly more than $1.6 million this season.

As a result, the Steelers are free to do anything they want at this position. If either quarterback is significantly outplayed by the other, and Tomlin believes that having an unhappy quarterback on the roster would cause difficulties, the Steelers can make any change.

Ideally, the two will work well together and encourage one other, but there are no assurances, even though both men are aware of their current situation in their employment.


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