Trade news: Houston agree deal to sign WR with ‘Track Speed’ for C.J. Stroud

Houston Texans Urged to Add WR with ‘Track Speed’ for C.J. Stroud.
The Houston Texans do not have a first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft due to a trade with the Minnesota Vikings, but that does not mean they will not add a potential game changer to quarterback C.J. Stroud’s supporting cast.

Texans wide receiver Nico Collins has developed as a game-changing talent, and Tank Dell was having a fantastic rookie season until sustaining a season-ending injury.
However, given that rising star quarterback C.J. Stroud is still on his rookie contract, the Houston Texans are unlikely to stop adding weapons to their arsenal anytime soon.

According to Pro Football Focus, Michigan star wide receiver Roman Wilson is the ‘ideal match’ for the Texans

“Wilson can be a flanker/slot who brings legitimate track speed to the Texans’ corps,” says Brad Spielberger for Pro Football Focus. “In 2023, he will have 12 catches on throws 20-plus yards downfield, ranking among the top 25 in college football. Despite playing in a run-first system with early leads and a strong defense, they did not need to push the ball downfield.Wilson’s evident concentration on run blocking will appeal to offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik, who will take delight in clearing rushing lanes for his running backs. Houston stocked up on defense this summer after loading up on the offensive line the previous year, and although they may still stand

If Wilson slips out of the first round and to the Texans at No. 42, he may be the perfect fit to boost Houston’s offense in 2024 and beyond.

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