Breaking: Raiders Set To Sign DE Proposed to Get $143 Million Contract

Breaking: Raiders Set To Sign DE Proposed to Get $143 Million Contract

Christian Wilkins, a free agent defensive tackle, strengthened the Las Vegas Raiders’ defensive line. He will now partner with defensive end Maxx Crosby to form an outstanding duo.

The Raiders might, however, take it a step further to strengthen the defense. Josh Allen, the defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has been linked to many teams as a possible trade partner, according to Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report.

In a post published on March 27, Knox stated, “The Las Vegas Raiders, who have $25.5 million in cap space, could also be interested.”

“Joining forces with 2023 first-round pick Tyree Wilson, Malcolm Koonce, and Pro Bowler Maxx Crosby could give Las Vegas the pass-rushing ability required to compete with Herbert and Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West.”

Allen is searching for a long-term contract and is currently on the franchise tag. Knox anticipates landing a $143 million, five-year contract. Given that the Raiders are now paying Crosby $94 million and Wilkins $110 million, it would be a significant cost. In this case, Las Vegas would have spent more than $300 million on the defense alone. The team does have some financial flexibility because they aren’t paying a quarterback a high salary. Although Allen would be a luxury addition, the Raiders may not be able to compete with the Chiefs until they can develop an overpowering pass rush.

Las Vegas Raiders Don’t Need More DL Help

The Raiders would probably spend a lot of money on a defensive tackle if they were going to invest in another defensive lineman. Josh Allen would be an improvement over the team’s current roster, but that also fails to recognize certain young players’ potential.

Malcolm Koonce, who concluded the season with 8.0 sacks, showed promise as a pass rusher last season. Tyree Wilson, the No. 7 pick in 2023, is another. Although his rookie season wasn’t the best, he is still young and has a lot of potential. Wilson would have to make a lot more in-house moves or the Raiders would be giving up on him if they traded for a player like Allen.

Despite being only 26, Allen recorded 17.5 sacks in the previous season. Although the Raiders don’t need a defensive end, especially for $143 million, he has a very bright career ahead of him.

Antonio Pierce Protecting Las Vegas Raiders Culture

Under Antonio Pierce, the Raiders will be selective in the players they bring on board moving ahead. The coach wants to ensure that the squad only adds players that suit the culture that they are trying to create.

Pierce responded, “Yeah, I’m the guardian at the gate,” to the reporters on March 25. “It’s not happening that I’m allowing evil to pass through that structure. Because what we can do at the conclusion of the season and what we’re doing now are essential, guy.

In the brief time he had as the team’s temporary head coach the previous season, Pierce was able to establish a solid player-friendly culture. Having the full-time job now, he will be much stricter about his handling of situations. It is crucial for a player-led squad to have mature players who are willing to work hard even when no one is looking. All it would take would be a few rogue individuals to cause havoc.

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