Breaking: Proposed ‘Splash’ Trade Sends Eagles $45 Million Star to Ravens

Breaking: Proposed ‘Splash’ Trade Sends Eagles $45 Million Star to Ravens

The Philadelphia Eagles will have to decide what to do with outstanding pass rusher Hayden Reddick going forward after granting him permission to pursue a trade. Reddick’s agent, Philadelphia, is hesitant to agree to a high-paying long-term contract.

In an effort to make a “splash” before the 2024 NFL draft, Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report proposed three possible trades the Eagles might consider. In one possible trade, Philadelphia would send Reddick to the Baltimore Ravens in return for the 30th overall first-round pick.

“The Eagles have made it fairly obvious that they are considering trading for Reddick before or during the draft,” Ballentine wrote in a story titled “Eagles’ Top Hypothetical Trades to Make Splash in 2024 NFL Draft,” published on March 27, 2024. “According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, they pushed back his $1 million roster bonus to April 1.”

Generally speaking, the Ravens prefer to wait to sign free agents until their signings won’t affect the compensatory formula. Ballentine went on, “Trading for one would address the need with a needle-moving talent and wouldn’t affect the comp pick formula.”

“The Eagles would be cashing in on an asset whose contract is about to expire anyway while the Ravens would be gearing up for another run at the AFC championship.”

Eagles Rumors: Haason Reddick’s Next Contract Projects to be a 3-Year, $47 Million Deal

In 2024, Reddick is expected to have a substantial $21.8 million cap hit. This is the last year of a three-year, forty-five million dollar contract.For his next contract, Spotrac predicts Reddick’s market value to be around $47.3 million over three years.

This transaction with the Ravens makes a lot of sense financially. The Eagles trade a first-round pick on a rookie deal that benefits the team for a large contract. Things get trickier if you think of this as a player for player transaction.

Dangerously close to being a second-round pick is the No. 30 pick. Can the man chosen at No. 30 perform at even remotely the caliber of play that the Eagles have grown accustomed to seeing from Reddick? For a novice, this would be a challenging assignment.

With four seasons in a row with 11 or more sacks, the veteran has established himself as one of the NFL’s best defenders when it comes to pressure on the quarterback. In 17 starts during the previous season, Reddick recorded 38 tackles, 23 quarterback hits, 13 tackles for loss, and 11 sacks.

Eagles Rumors: The Falcons & Cardinals Are Potential Contenders for a Hasson Reddick Trade

If the Eagles are able to come to an agreement, it is unclear what Reddick’s trade value will be. The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are two teams to keep an eye on as possible trade destinations for Reddick, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

According to Adam Wells of Bleacher Report, Fowler stated on March 23 in an episode of “SportsCenter” that “the expectation leaguewide is that he is moved at some point.” The Eagles now have their two pass rushers after spending money on Bryce Huff and re-signing Josh Sweat.

It seems like Reddick is the odd man out. He does desire a new contract, but as a premier player, he ought to be worth something. In addition to the draft capital required to acquire him, he wants a new contract. Given that Jonathan Gannon played with him in Philadelphia two years ago, Arizona might be a squad to keep an eye on, said Fowler.

“They produced well as a team. Arizona requires pass rushers. Atlanta to some extent, therefore teams ought to be considered.

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