Report: Top star choose to join Texans ahead of Chiefs

Report: The Buffalo Bills refused to trade Stefon Diggs to only one team.
The Buffalo Bills did not want their best receiver to travel to their playoff opponent.
A powerful team is always targeted, particularly by opposing teams.

In this example, the opposing team is the Buffalo Bills. This offseason, Buffalo traded top receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans, who acquired him earlier this week. Trading their great receiver was a difficult choice, but they eventually felt it was important for their future.

Regardless of the circumstances, Buffalo would not trade Diggs to the NFL’s freshly anointed dynasty. According to Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk, the Bills permitted Diggs to negotiate a trade with any NFL team except the back-to-back Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.
“From what I do know, he was allowed to seek a trade from anybody in the league, except the Kansas City Chiefs,” Simms said in a statement Thursday. “That is what I have been told by several individuals. He was authorized to do so. The Chiefs were the only club they wouldn’t trade to.

The Bills and Chiefs have formed a heated rivalry in recent years, but in the playoffs, it has resembled a nail and hammer.

The two AFC heavyweights have played three times in the past four postseasons, with Kansas City winning each time. Among those matchups were an overtime thriller in 2022 and another heartbreaker for the Bills this past postseason.

Despite becoming the NFL’s first back-to-back champions in almost two decades, the Chiefs’ receiving room leaves plenty to be desired. Travis is the league’s finest tight end, but aside from Rashee Rice, who is now dealing with legal troubles, the Chiefs lack receiving skill. They’re hoping that the arrival of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown would resolve those concerns, and Patrick Mahomes is excellent enough to make the offense work anyway, but there is still a problem.

Clearly, the Bills had no interest in assisting the team that had become the scourge of their life. Buffalo may only have received a second-round selection for Diggs (along with two late-round picks), may have incurred a $31 million dead cap charge, and may have moved him to an up-and-coming AFC team, but they remained steadfast anyway.


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