Breaking: Juan Soto gushes over Yankees fans amid free agency speculation

Breaking: Juan Soto gushes over Yankees fans amid free agency speculation

Juan Soto, a Yankees outfielder, is experiencing an early-season love affair with the New York fan base, which believes he will become more than a rental.

According to Randy Miller of, Soto praised Yankees fans for their unwavering support throughout the game. “It’s been pretty cool.”

Soto was traded to the Yankees from the San Diego Padres in December. As of Tuesday, he had only played four home games with the team. In the fourth inning of Monday’s blowout, the 25-year-old, who is set to become a free agent this fall, smashed his first Yankee Stadium home run of the season.

“I knew I hit it pretty good,” Soto remarked of his shot. “I was thinking, ‘It’s going to disappear or it’s going to stay [fair.]’ But as that ball fell, they simply sprang out of their seats. “You’re feeling pretty good.”

In his first 11 regular-season games with the Yankees, Soto has a.357 batting average, two home runs, ten RBI, and a 1.009 OPS. He has embraced playing alongside team leader Aaron Judge and others, helping the Yankees reach the top of the American League standings.

“I would call it a family,” Soto said about what he’s experienced this spring. “We all feel like a family right now and it’s only 11 games. We already feel like we’re sticking together, we’re pushing together. We all want the same thing. That’s how I would describe it.”

Miller clarified that Soto is unlikely to offer a “discount” to the Yankees during the season or after the World Series. It may cost Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner more than $500 million to keep Soto, but he may be hoping the slugger’s bond with paying fans will lead him to leave some money on the table.

Miller recounted how Soto “turns back to wave” to fans throughout home games and how the three-time All-Star nearly missed the opening pitch of Monday’s game while signing autographs in right field.

According to Christian Arnold and Dan Martin of the New York Post, Soto emphasized the importance of reciprocating the affection shown by Yankees supporters.

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