Report: Houston set to finalize deal for another running back

Tyrone Tracy is Houston’s ideal running back draft pick.
Houston’s next running back may be a former wide receiver.

Not all roads are straight. Not every journey is without turns. Not every player’s career is linear. Tyrone Tracy’s route to the NFL Draft has been a winding one with unexpected twists and turns, but it is precisely this path that might position him to be one of the standouts of the 2024 NFL Draft class.

Tracy began his career in Iowa’s wide receivers room. Tracy was enticed by a former Iowa coach to transfer to Purdue and play receiver for them. Tracy was ultimately convinced by the same coach at Purdue to play running back during his sixth collegiate football season. Tracy completed 33 carries.

Tracy’s pass-catching ability and kickoff expertise provide him a unique skill set that would complement Houston’s running back corps. Tracy reminds me of a younger Alvin Kamara or Nyheim Hines. Shifty in a phone booth; can catch the ball very well while also running it with strength. Tracy observes Tony Pollard and James Cook. Similar to the RBs, Tracy’s ability to move into the slot and create a mismatch versus run sets will earn him playing time at the next level.
Just suppose… Houston enters the field with C.J. Stroud, Stefon Diggs, Tank Dell, Nico Collins, and Tracy in the backfield. Tracy moves out to the slot and squares up against a linebacker. That is as much as

Running backs only have one term: short term. Houston currently has contracts with Dameon Pierce and Joe Mixon until 2024 and 2026, respectively. Pierce and Mixon are good ball receivers, but neither is a serious danger out of the backfield beyond 5-10 yards. Furthermore, neither are real special teams players, which is particularly significant given the new kickoff regulations. Tracy is almost 24 years old, but he has very little tread after his one year as a running back.


A third string, passing downs running back, must also prove their worth in the blocking game. Tracy has displayed the ability to use his 5’11” size against blitzing linebackers. It’s astonishing that a former wide receiver is prepared to poke their nose.

Teams search for moldable talents and distinguishing characteristics in the third and fourth rounds. In essence, they’re searching for players who either fit all of the criteria for what works in the NFL or who have a unique talent that is uncommon later in the selection. Outliers and potential are the name of the game.


Tracy falls within the first category: moldable clay. Tracy’s non-linear past makes it tough to project him to the next level. He does not follow typical zone concepts and has not ran behind an offensive line in a decade.


Tracy does, however, have natural elusiveness, a wonderful attitude, and a determination with the ball that causes the salivary glands to flare up.


This running back class presents a challenge. There are five players that might be the first off the board. None of these are expected to be Tracy. Tracy, on the other hand, may have the most promising future in the near future if the correct circumstance, strategy, coaching, and opportunity are available.


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