Report: Browns agree deal with top star worth $230 million

Browns Allude to Upcoming $230 Million QB Extension Deshaun Watson

Despite Deshaun Watson’s performance not living up to expectations thus far, the Cleveland Browns may already be thinking about giving him a longer contract.
To get Watson in 2022, the Browns have to forfeit three first-round selections. He was also given a $230 million contract with full guarantees by the team. Watson has participated in 12 games over the course of two seasons, although his performance has been inconsistent.

General manager Andrew Berry has mentioned a 10-year plan with his franchise quarterback, even in the face of poor performance on the field. Watson has a deal with the Browns through 2026, meaning he will play for Cleveland for five seasons total. Berry explained how he views Watson’s ten-year contract with the Browns.

“I think the one thing that’s pretty unique about the quarterback position in our sport is when you find a good one, they’re typically with your franchise for a long period of time,” Berry stated on the afternoon of Thursday, April 18. “So, when I said ten years, maybe I didn’t mean it as literally as you think, but for a long time because you know that player at that position can truly anchor your franchise and your company on the field. So, when we look about it, it’s less about a yearly fluctuation and more about the long term, because quarterbacks aren’t all Tom Brady, who plays until he’s 45. However, quarterbacks in this league play to their middle.


Deshaun Watson Aims for Week 1 Return

Watson has stated that he will be ready for Week 1. He is on-site for the team’s offseason exercises, but he is primarily working on his own. Watson anticipates more participation during OTAs in May.

“The plan is to come back whenever they feel like, and I feel like we’re on the same page that we’re ready, so there’s not a timeline or a date that we have that this is when I’m going to be a hundred percent,” Watson said in an interview on April 17. “It’s just how the process works; it might be sooner than later or later than sooner. So I believe he is just really, dependent on how each marker we hit and how soon we can

This offseason, the Browns got some new weapons for Watson. The most noteworthy is Jerry Jeudy, who arrived by trade. The former first-round pick will join Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore, providing Watson another strong target.

Watson has passed for 2217 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions in two seasons with the Browns.

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