Breaking: Saints talented star set to commit with new team

A few former Saints will probably find new teams after the 2024 NFL Draft.
With the 2024 NFL Draft less than a week away, several former New Orleans Saints who are presently free agents will most likely find new teams following the draft.

The 2024 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin Thursday evening, April 25. With all eyes on the prospects who are about to be welcomed into the NFL, the league has effectively paused free agency. Despite the fact that there are still many huge names available, few players have signed with new organizations.

During this time of year, teams enter the draft and fill as many needs as possible. However, everyone understands that a team cannot adequately handle all of its demands in a single selection. That’s why, once the three-day draft is over, the free agency market heats back up. Teams look to the remaining veterans to fill any gaps on their squad.
Some of the prominent names are ex-New Orleans Saints players. Guys like Michael Thomas, Andrus Peat, and Marcus Maye will have to wait alongside everyone else.


Michael Thomas, Andrus Peat, and Marcus Maye are likely to sign following the NFL draft.
Michael Thomas is the most well-known of all the New Orleans free agents this summer. The wide receiver, who has dominated the game since his debut in 2016, became a free agency this summer after eight years with the Saints. However, his market has been quite quiet. Aside from being signed by Tyreek Hill, Thomas has not been linked to many teams. If teams don’t acquire the receivers they desire in the draft, Thomas may join a different team in the following weeks.
Andrus Peat joined New Orleans a year before Thomas and has succeeded on the offensive line since then. Last season, when the Saints found themselves in a mess.

He is currently a free agent and has yet to sign with a team. He paid a visit to the Tennessee Titans, but no trade was made. There is also the possibility that he will return to New Orleans if the Saints do not get the linemen they are looking for in the draft.

Then there’s Marcus Maye, who joined a crowded field of free agent safeties when the Saints dismissed him with one year left on his deal. Like Peat, he paid a visit to the Titans, but nothing came of it. He’ll most likely find a home once teams pass on safety prospects they’ve been pursuing.


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