Breaking: Cardinals Make Major Move To Sign $16.2 Million Marlins Ace To Shake Up After Tough Start

Breaking: Cardinals Make Major Move To Sign $16.2 Million Marlins Ace To Shake Up After Tough Start

St. Louis might use a huge deal to shake up the club following a rough start.

The St. Louis Cardinals haven’t started as well as they would like, but there is still cause to be optimistic.

St. Louis is stacked with talent and should improve even more in the near future as reinforcements return to the team. The Cardinals are now without Tommy Edman and Dylan Carlson, while outfielder Jordan Walker was recently sent down to the minor levels.

At some point, all three will return and most likely aid St. Louis. The Cardinals’ starting rotation is better than it was last season, and it should improve much more. While this is true, St. Louis will most likely need to add another player to the rotation in order to properly compete for a postseason spot.

Jesús Luzardo, the ace of the Miami Marlins, could be an ideal fit for the Cardinals. According to Tim Kelly of Bleacher Report, he has been the subject of trade speculations for the past year and is likely to be moved.

“It may not be to the same extent they sold after winning championships in 1997 and 2003, but expect the Miami Marlins to be the most active seller in advance of the trade deadline, as new president of baseball operations Peter Bendix tries to retool the team in his image,” Kelly said in a statement. If he recovers from his sluggish start, Jesús Luzardo is expected to be the most sought-after starting pitcher in a weak market.

“Luzardo had a 3.48 ERA in 50 starts throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons. He can’t become a free agent until after the 2026 season, which adds to his value.

St. Louis is loaded with veterans on the older side and Luzardo could add some youth to the rotation to help take it to another level.

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