Breaking: Jaguars Closing In On Deal To Sign $6.9 Million Pro Bowl WR As Free Agent

Breaking: Jaguars Closing In On Deal To Sign $6.9 Million Pro Bowl WR As Free Agent

Former Cleveland Browns standout Jarvis Landry will join the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie camp as part of his return efforts.

Landry, 31, did not compete in the NFL last season. According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, he will have a chance to make the Jaguars’ roster.

Landry most recently played for his hometown New Orleans Saints in 2022 season. However, he was limited by injuries and only appeared in nine games. Landry caught only 25 catches for 272 yards and one touchdown. New Orleans decided not to bring him back.

In his prime, Landry was a catching machine. From 2015 to 2019, he was selected to five consecutive Pro Bowls with the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. Landry has made 713 career catches for 7,870 yards and 38 touchdowns.

The Jaguars have some talented young receivers, but Landry may be able to earn a spot in the rotation. He’s a skilled route runner and dependable target. Prior to the last two years of his career, Landry was also pretty healthy. Between 2014 and 2019, he did not miss a game.

Jarvis Landry Vocal About Making Return

Landry has been active on social media, preparing for his comeback. He believes he can still contribute significantly to a squad.

“I could never imagine some of these guys were better than me. Landry tweeted, “I just can’t see it,” on March 14.”There’s no argument going on. I have no hard emotions toward anyone, but I know for a fact that 32 teams, 32 #1 WRs, got the nod. However, there are 32 #2 wide receivers (identify them) and 32 #3 wide receivers. 64-plus WRs colder than me? Na. There’s no way, and that is a fact.

Landry recently put out a video on social media showing his training with the simple caption: “Rent due.”

The video depicts Landry exercising, running routes, and catching balls. He looks crisp, even without pads, and the sentence ends with the word “ready.”

When he arrived in 2018, Landry played an important role in Cleveland’s cultural transformation. He performed well on the field, but he also earned a reputation as a strong leader, which may offer him an advantage when clubs contemplate adding him.

“Jarvis taught me a lot,” stated Browns running back Nick Chubb in 2022. “I came in here as a young rookie, and his name was Jarvis Landry. He’s always been there for me, both on and off the field. A terrific guy, a great athlete, and a great leader. He helped shape who I am as a football player.”

Browns Have Rebuit Wide Receiver Unit

The Browns have worked hard over the last few years to develop a solid core of pass catchers.

Cleveland traded for Amari Cooper in 2022, shortly before Landry’s release. Cooper has performed at an elite level for the Browns and is coming off a Pro Bowl season.

Last season, he had 72 catches for 1,250 yards. Cooper delivered a remarkable performance on Christmas Eve against the Houston Texans. He caught 11 receptions for 265 yards, a team single-game record.

Cleveland has acquired Elijah Moore and Jerry Jeudy, both previous first-round picks, via trade. The Browns are hoping that the trio, along with TE David Njoku, can boost the passing game led by Deshaun Watson.

The Browns also have three young prospects who they hope will become contributors.David Bell (third-round pick in 2022), Cedric Tillman (third-round pick in 2023), and Jamari Thrash (fifth-round pick this year) will all compete for playing time.

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