Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Sign $60 Million Bargain QB In Proposed Trade

Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Sign $60 Million Bargain QB In Proposed Trade

The Las Vegas Raiders lack a clear path to finding a franchise quarterback.Aidan O’Connell and Gardner Minshew are temporary solutions, but neither provide long-term potential.

The squad finished 8-9 in 2023 and should improve in 2024 with some roster changes. If the Raiders improve their record, they are likely to pick outside of the top 15. That would make it extremely tough to recruit a top QB prospect.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s contract will expire this season if he does not sign an extension. He has the option of testing free agency next summer. Vic Tafur of The Athletic suggested the Raiders sign the talented quarterback.

“As for the long-term answer at quarterback, waiting for the draft next year and hoping to throw a bunch of draft picks at a team for Shedeur Sanders sounds like another pipe dream along the lines of landing Jayden Daniels this year,” Tafur stated in a piece published on April 30, 2017. “Who knows what the rest of that draft class will be like?

“No, if the Raiders want to make the next step and get out of purgatory, they might have to hope someone like Dak Prescott hits free agency or gets traded.”

Prescott would cost a lot of money, but he would undoubtedly be an upgrade as quarterback.

Would Dak Prescott Be a Fit in Las Vegas?

If the Raiders can sign Prescott, he will be the best quarterback the team has had since Rich Gannon. Prescott’s difficulty in Dallas is that he’s only guided the team to two playoff victories, despite the fact that the franchise is in the playoffs almost every year.

The Raiders have made the playoffs twice since 2002, so just getting there would be an improvement. Prescott, with this current Las Vegas squad, is likely to lead the team to the playoffs assuming he stays healthy. The Raiders’ defense improved significantly last season under Antonio Pierce and should continue to do so now that he is the full-time head coach.

The offense is loaded with intriguing talent. Wide receivers Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers are proven commodities while tight ends Michael Mayer and Brock Bowers both have star potential. Perhaps a change of scenery is what Prescott needs to get over the playoff hump and the Raiders would have to be intriguing to him if Dallas isn’t an option.

How Much Is Dak Prescott Going to Cost?

If Prescott enters the open market, there will be plenty of teams interested in him. If he became a free agent, he could expect to sign a record large contract. According to Jordan Schultz of Bleacher Report, Prescott could potentially earn $60 million per year, making him the highest-paid player in history.

That is a massive price tag to pay for a quarterback who has two playoff wins. That might be worth it for a team like the Raiders that could get desperate but it’ll be hard to pay every position. Is Prescott at $60 million a year enough of an upgrade over Minshew at $12.5 million a year? That will be an important question for any team interested in Prescott to answer.


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