Breaking: Cardinals Closing In On Deal To Sign Ex-Red Sox All-Star Slugger As Solution For Struggling Offense

Breaking: Cardinals Closing In On Deal To Sign Ex-Red Sox All-Star Slugger As Solution For Struggling Offense

St. Louis could use a power boost in the middle of the lineup to get the offense going

The St. Louis Cardinals’ pitching has improved this season, but their offense has suddenly suffered.

The St. Louis Cardinals have not met expectations this season, like they did in 2023, but the pitching has not been a concern. The Cardinals worked hard this offseason to upgrade their rotation and bullpen, and both are in a better position than they were before.

Despite a bad year overall, the Cardinals’ offense was strong last season, so there were less questions to answer. While this is true, St. Louis’ offense has been one of the league’s worst and could use some improvement.

Curt Bishop of FanSided proposed four potential trade deadline moves for the Cardinals, including one for New York Mets All-Star hitter J.D. Martinez.

“The pitching has been the main issue for the Cardinals for the past several years, but that isn’t the case this year,” Bishop said in a statement. “The pitching has been excellent, but the offense has let them down. The return of Tommy Edman, Matt Carpenter, and Dylan Carlson from the injured list, along with Jordan Walker’s return, is expected to boost the offense.

“The New York Mets have surpassed expectations thus far, but they are expected to slip out of contention before the trade deadline. If they sell, look no further than J.D. Martinez as a possible trading partner. Martinez would provide the Cardinals with much-needed power and transform the lineup into a nightmare for opposing pitchers. It could also provide them with everything they need to dominate the NL Central and become a legitimate competitor in the National League, alongside teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, and Philadelphia Phillies.”

Martinez signed a one-year contract with the Mets over the summer, and after the conclusion of the current campaign, he will become a free agency. Although it would be unexpected if the Mets traded him, things might alter if they aren’t competing for a postseason position by the deadline.

It’s quite doubtful that Martinez will be traded to the Cardinals, but we won’t know for sure until the deadline.

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