Report: New Orleans Saints player set to join Texans after team crisis today

New Orleans Saints defense prepares for the Texans’ veteran-looking, rookie quarterback.
“I told the team that I think the quarterback is playing at a high level, and I’m not talking about a high level for a rookie.” Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, the second overall pick in the 2023 draft, has five NFL games under his belt.

It just seemed that his five games have been more like five seasons.

The New Orleans Saints (3-2) see a rookie quarterback from the Texans (2-3) in Sunday’s game at NRG Stadium in Houston who has outperformed his experience.

Stroud has completed 114 of 186 throws for 1,461 yards (fourth most in the league), seven touchdowns, and no interceptions. His 186 attempts without an interception set an NFL record for a quarterback starting his career.

He has been sacked 11 times and rushed for 53 yards on 15 attempts.
“I think he’s playing at a very high level,” Saints coach Dennis Allen stated. “I informed the team that I believe the quarterback is performing at a high level, and not just for a rookie. I’m talking about a high standard for an NFL quarterback.

“I believe he’s doing a really nice job of going through his progressions; I think he knows where to go with the football; he gets the ball out in general with rhythm and timing; and he does have the potential to improvise and create some plays on the run. I just think he’s running their offense at a high level.

Significantly, Stroud has not turned over the ball. After taking 11 sacks and fumbling three times in his first two games, recovering one himself, he hasn’t been sacked or fumbled in the previous three, tossing five touchdowns and averaging 278 passing yards while leading Houston to victories in two of them.

“He has played very, very well for a rookie quarterback,” said Saints linebacker Pete Werner. Werner leads the club with 37 tackles and intercepted the first pass of his NFL career in the Saints’ 34-0 victory over New England.

“In fact, he does not look like a rookie quarterback out there,” added Werner. “I was with him at Ohio State.” Unfortunately, he was never my quarterback there, but I did witness a little sample size of him while I was there.

The Saints have constantly made an impact, recording 11 sacks, seven interceptions, 28 quarterback hits, and 37 passes defensed.

For the most part, Stroud has played unfazed, a trait he demonstrated before to entering the league.

“Me and my brother kind of talked about C.J. before the season started, before the draft and all that,” Saints quarterback Derek Carr said. “We were talking about quarterbacks, and we said, ‘We adore this guy. The way he conducts himself, the accuracy with which he throws—all of that.

“I think the world of him, and I believe he’ll be a great player for a long time.” And maybe he will maintain his success, except for this week. We want to win the game, but I am a fan of his.

“The more film that comes out on him, the more defenses will attempt to find out how to stop him, and the more he will just keep focusing on his fundamentals, technique, scheme, and all of stuff. Keep that arrow pointing up for him.




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