Breaking: Cardinals Top Star Emerge As Trade Candidate In Proposed Move

Breaking: Cardinals Top Star Emerge As Trade Candidate In Proposed Move

The star player for the St. Louis Cardinals could be a perfect fit if the San Francisco Giants improve their season.

The San Francisco Giants lost three games in a row against the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend due to their poor recent play in baseball. On Monday, the Giants will try to bounce back from their 5-4 loss on Sunday and prevent a four-game sweep.

Although the season is still early, the National League West’s 7.5-game deficit is concerning. Given how San Francisco has played, it’s difficult to see how they could win what is perhaps the greatest division in baseball.

But could the Giants be buyers at the deadline, considering how much they spent in the offseason? That’s probably what will happen if they work things out soon and are vying for a Wild Card position.

There are several roles that can be upgraded if they are purchasers. First base is obviously a necessity, as Wilmer Flores and Lamonte Wade Jr. have combined for two home runs.

Tim Kelly of Just Baseball ranked the top 10 players that could be traded at the trade deadline and included a possible San Francisco target. Paul Goldschmidt was Kelly’s third-choice trade candidate.

The St. Louis Cardinals, who are presently 15-19 and in last place in the National League Central, have been among the most disappointing clubs in baseball this season. Like the Giants, they might be sellers at the deadline if things don’t improve for them.

Although he began his MLB career in 2011, Goldschmidt has been inconsistent this season despite being regarded as one of the top pure hitters in baseball. The thirty-six-year-old is cutting.208/.298/.280 in 125 at-bats with two home runs. Although he produced an OPS+ of 177 just two seasons ago, it’s difficult to evaluate him based just on his age. Age may be a factor in his declining play.

Likely going for less than he normally would, he could be an ideal option for San Francisco if they become buyers.

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