Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Lure $203 Million QB to LV

Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Lure $203 Million QB to LV

The quarterback for the Los Vegas Raiders does not appear to be on the roster.Aidan O’Connell was selected in the fourth round of the previous draft, while Gardner Minshew has a two-year contract.

It didn’t work out for the team to choose a quarterback first overall this year. The Raiders decided to load up offensively, drafting two offensive linemen and a tight end with their first three draft picks after failing to locate a viable franchise quarterback.

Quarterback Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys is about to enter his contract year, and it’s possible he won’t sign an extension. There won’t be a shortage of teams vying for his services if he hits free agency. In a May 7 X post, Marcus Mosher of The 33rd Team and Pro Football Focus floated the notion that Prescott would find the Raiders to be a desirable destination if he decides to leave the Cowboys.

Prescott is coming off his best season in the NFL as he finished second in MVP voting. However, the Cowboys could have major salary cap issues and may decide it’s better to start over at quarterback than to give Prescott a record-setting contract. If that happens, the Raiders would have to be one of the teams he’d consider.

PFF Details How Las Vegas Raiders Are Setup for QB

The Raiders have been in quarterback limbo since Derek Carr was benched during the 2022 season. Finding a franchise quarterback is never easy and it’s proving especially difficult for Las Vegas.

The Raiders have positioned their next signal-caller advantageously, according to Dalton Wasserman of Pro Football Focus, even though they are trying to exercise patience over the quarterback position.

In a May 6 piece, Wasserman stated, “Either Gardner Minshew or Aidan O’Connell is going to love throwing to former Georgia Bulldog Brock Bowers.” One of the all-time best college tight ends is the two-time John Mackey Award winner. His post-catch ability reminds me of George Kittle. He may team up right away with Michael Mayer to create one of the best tight end combinations in the NFL.

“Las Vegas also required offensive line support.” Jackson Powers-Johnson, a second-round selection, ought to start at right guard right away. Not only does he bring a wealth of guard expertise to the game, but he was also the greatest center in college football the previous season. Wherever he plays, he excels at pass protection. The Raiders did a great job adding talent elsewhere early in this year’s draft, but they still have time to find a franchise quarterback.

How Much Money Is Dak Prescott Going to Command?

The cost of acquiring Prescott is the main concern regarding a possible acquisition.According to Spotrac, the quarterback will fetch $203.5 million over the course of four years. Prescott may even want to be the first quarterback to earn $60 million annually, so that amount may even be on the low end.

Prescott now has a 2–5 lifetime postseason record. The biggest criticism of him has always been his postseason play. It’s difficult to think any team would want to give him $60 million a year if he had another spectacular performance in the postseason this year.

The Raiders have been to the playoffs just twice since 2002 so they likely would be happy just to be in the postseason but it would only make sense to sign Prescott if the price was a bit more reasonable.

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