Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Lure $97.6 Million 4-Time Pro Bowl CB to LV

Breaking: Raiders Closing In On Deal To Lure $97.6 Million 4-Time Pro Bowl CB to LV

One of the Las Vegas Raiders’ top needs coming into the offseason was a cornerback, but the franchise has been shockingly slack in filling that position. The team waited until the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft to select a cornerback, as they did not sign any noteworthy cornerbacks.

That doesn’t mean the team can’t still locate a productive cornerback, though. Kool-Aid McKinstry was selected by the New Orleans Saints with a second-round pick, suggesting that they may be considering a trade away from standout cornerback Marcus Lattimore.

Dallas Robinson of Pro Football Focus then proposed a trade that would send Lattimore to the Raiders in exchange for a 2025 fifth-round pick that was conditional on playing time and could potentially be upgraded to a fourth-round pick.

In a post published on May 6, Robinson stated, “Drafting a second-round cornerback might not have signaled a potential Lattimore trade on its own.” But as Over the Cap’s Jason Fitzgerald reported in March, New Orleans reworked Lattimore’s deal this offseason to provide room for a trade after June 1.

“Las Vegas needs cornerback assistance badly, but Decamerion Richardson of Mississippi State was the first pick made on Day 3 of the draft. In 2024, Lattimore’s contract with the Raiders might have a cap charge of less than $4 million, depending on whether they choose to exercise his option.

Lattimore is a four-time Pro Bowler and is only 27 years old. However, he’s missed a combined 17 games the last two seasons due to injuries, which is likely why Robinson thinks he could be traded for such a low price.

New Orleans Saints Not ‘Actively’ Looking to Trade Marshon Lattimore

Since joining the Saints in 2017, Lattimore has established himself as one of the team’s greatest players. It might be desirable for New Orleans to move on from Lattimore’s five-year, $97.6 million contract, since the team still struggles with wage caps.

Mickey Loomis, the general manager, didn’t rule out trading the cornerback during a recent discussion about the potential.

“When a guy is a really good player for your team, they’re not on the market per se, but there are times when you get a call and somebody makes a proposal and it might make sense for you,” Loomis said on the May 3 episode of “Schein on Sports.” “That’s true for any player on your team. If you get an offer you can’t refuse, you at least have to look at it. So, that’s what I would say. I’m not actively trying to trade Marshon. Marshon is such a good player, he’s an elite corner. He’s had some injuries the last couple seasons that have kept him off the field, and we’ve got to get over that. It’s not his fault, it’s just circumstances. That’s just where we’re at.”

Should Las Vegas Raiders Pursue Marshon Lattimore?

Due to his history of injuries, Lattimore is a dangerous trade target for any team, but obtaining one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks with a conditional fifth-round pick would only cost very little. Additionally, the Raiders wouldn’t be stuck with him for very long if he couldn’t stay healthy because he just has two years left on his contract.

It’s difficult to understand how Las Vegas could reject this trade offer. For a fourth-round choice at most, they would acquire a legitimate star cornerback who is only 27 years old. Although the injuries are rather concerning, he still has time to heal. The Raiders may have a top-five defense the following season if they add Lattimore, who would give them a reliable secondary.

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