Breaking: St. Louis Cardinals Set To Make Massive Duo Blockbuster Trades

Breaking: St. Louis Cardinals Set To Make Massive Duo Blockbuster Trades

The St. Louis Cardinals have had a difficult 2024 MLB season. They are now six games behind the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs, who are tied for first place in the NL Central, with a record of 15–21.

The -34 run differential the Cardinals have so far posted is worse than that of just four MLB teams. With catcher Wilson Contreras out for the season, their already pitiful offense—which has 126 runs, the fewest in the National League and baseball—will only worsen.

J.D. Martinez of the New York Mets struck Contreras in the arm during a swing this week, necessitating surgery. He will miss at least six weeks of action, which will make an already lackluster lineup even worse.

Because of their worse-than-expected future, the St. Louis Cardinals are a franchise that may decide to sell before the deadline. Consequently, two of their players are on Just Baseball’s list of the top 10 candidates to be moved, according to Tim Kelly.

Their closer, Ryan Helsley, is ranked fourth on that list. His case is intriguing since having a dominant relief pitcher at the end of games is a good luxury if the team hopes to challenge in the near future.

Helsley has been one of baseball’s most effective relief pitchers since 2022. Since he has the second-lowest ERA among eligible relief pitchers, 1.69, he would command a high price if the Cardinals were to activate him.

Former MVP Paul Goldschmidt is ranked third on the list. As the 2024 season has been a significant challenge for him, there are some worries that at 36, he has reached the breaking point that every player eventually experiences in their career.

His slash line through 35 games is.195/.287/.263. There are cause for concern because, in 152 plate appearances, he has only three doubles and two home runs, which is a worrying lack of power. He is walking at a rate that is almost career-low and striking out more than he has ever struck out.

Given his level of output, the market for Goldschmidt in a contract year might not be that robust. Nonetheless, he remains a superb first baseman in the field, and nobody will underestimate his ability to start a game at bat.

If Goldschmidt hints that he wants to play for a contender, the St. Louis Cardinals could oblige and find a trade partner for him. It will be something to watch for, as there is still time for him and the team to get on track.

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