Breaking news: Dodgers complete the signing of 8-Time All-Star in a blockbuster trade

Blockbuster Trade Idea: Dodgers Acquire Eight-Time All-Star From Cardinals
The MLB trade deadline is often filled with surprises. clubs that are looking to the future frequently part with great players, whereas clubs that perceive a chance to win a World Series are ready to


offload their farm system to accomplish so. The St. Louis Cardinals have been fairly successful over the last decade, but last season and the start of this season do not indicate a postseason run.

As a result, the Cardinals may be offloading some franchise staples when the trade deadline arrives. Nolan Arenado, who has a no-trade clause, may accept a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a chance to compete.

“No one hates losing more, and the Cardinals are more than a year into their disastrous run, so he just might approve a trade,” Heyman said of Arenado. “The Dodgers don’t really need him but that’s one team he might jump at.”
Arenado might help solidify the Dodgers’ infield.
The Dodgers don’t necessarily need a third baseman. However, they might be seeking for a second baseman. According to Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times, Max Muncy is the Dodgers’ current third baseman and has gone 23 games without making an error after a “rough defensive start to the season”. At the plate, Muncy is slashing.256/.362/.556, nine home runs.


Gavin, the Dodgers’ second baseman, has struggled at the plate. Lux has only a.191 batting average after 27 games. Muncy has experience playing second base and may go there if the Dodgers sign Arenado. Muncy has made 161 starts at second base over his career.
Arenado’s resume speaks for itself, particularly defensively. The 33-year-old has received ten Gold Glove and six Platinum Glove Awards. Arenado and Mike Schmidt are tied for the second most Gold Glove Awards at third base, after Brooks Robinson. Arenado is an eight-time All-Star.

Muncy is a good defensive third baseman; allowing him to play second and continue in the order alongside Arenado would benefit the Dodgers’ offense without sacrificing defense.


Arenado’s Contract
Arenado is signed with the Cardinals until 2027. He originally signed an eight-year, $260 million contract with the Rockies in 2019. However, he was dealt to the Cardinals in 2021. The Cardinals revised the contract to include an additional opt-out and a $15 million salary in 2027. Arenado did not utilize the opt-out clauses in his contract and stayed with the Cardinals. To be moved, he must renounce his no-trade clause, which means he may pretty much go wherever he wants.
Arenado is an expensive choice for the Dodgers, but they have demonstrated that they are willing to spend large money to contend. Arenado earns $35 million in 2024, $32 million in 2025, $27 million in 2026, and $15 million in 2027.

Those are high numbers for an elderly player. However, the Rockies are paying a modest percentage of those salary, which softens the blow.
Arenado is slicing.286/.348/393, with an OPS+ of 113. Trading for Arenado would give the Dodgers another quality bat in the lineup while also adding one of this generation’s top defenders. If Arenado wants to participate in the World Series in 2024, there aren’t many better possibilities than the Dodgers.


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