Breaking: Raiders Closing In On deal To Sign Disgruntled $180 Million QB

Breaking: Raiders Closing In On deal To Sign Disgruntled $180 Million QB

Since the Atlanta Falcons selected quarterback Michael Penix Jr. at No. 8, it is unclear if the Las Vegas Raiders intended to select him with the No. 13 choice in the 2024 NFL Draft. We’ll never know for sure. Given that the team paid $180 million to get Kirk Cousins in free agency, this was the draft’s biggest surprise.

It doesn’t make sense to sit Penix for the full four years of Cousins’ contract because he is already 24. It’s possible that the quarterback’s stay in Atlanta will be shorter than anticipated—it might even be only one season. In that scenario, the Raiders are among the clubs who might think about adding him in the upcoming offseason, according to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell.

In a May 8 piece, Barnwell stated, “The other possible landing spots appear to be with the Raiders, Steelers, and Titans, none of whom have a settled quarterback of the future.” “A experienced starter may also be needed by the Dolphins, Seahawks, Giants, Jets, Saints, and even the Dolphins. Cousins will have a market for himself the following season if he performs well in 2024 and he and the Falcons decide to part ways. The next time, Cousins might want to try to convince his new team that it won’t select a quarterback right away after acquiring him.

The Raiders didn’t draft a single quarterback so it’s likely the need at the position will remain unless Garnder Minshew or Aidan O’Connell take a major leap in 2024.

Will Kirk Cousins Want out of Atlanta so Quickly?

Although Cousins will pretend to be brave this season, he probably isn’t happy that the Falcons wasted such a great draft pick on someone else rather than trying to improve the squad. J.J. McCarthy, who is 21 years old, was a reasonable pick by the Falcons because he can sit for a few years before taking the field and still be a young player.

Given that Penix is considerably older, Cousins must shoulder some of the burden. The quarterback’s camp was not happy with what Atlanta did, according to ESPN.

In a column published on April 25, Marc Raimondi stated, “Cousins’ agent, Mike McCartney, told ESPN’s Pete Thamel that the Falcons did not tell the quarterback they would pick Penix until the team was on the clock.” “McCartney stated that the fact that Atlanta did not use its first-round pick to improve the team in 2024 is causing frustration and confusion in Cousins’ camp.”

If Cousins is going to be replaced by Penix by Year 2, he’s not going to want to be anyone’s backup, therefore he should probably look into other options.

Is Kirk Cousins a Fit With Las Vegas Raiders?

When the 2025 season begins, Cousins will be 37 years old, and it is unclear how he will perform after rupturing his Achilles tendon. It wouldn’t make much sense for the Raiders to add the quarterback. Given his large contract, adding him will probably require a trade.

The Raiders would probably rather have a young player in that role. This offseason, Cousins was a free agent, and it didn’t seem like the organization was interested in him. After he turns one year older, that’s not likely to alter.

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