Breaking: Shocking Blockbuster Trade Coming Soon For $16.6 Million Ex-Pro Bowler To Join The Jaguars

Breaking: Shocking Blockbuster Trade Coming Soon For $16.6 Million Ex-Pro Bowler To Join The Jaguars

Next month, a blockbuster deal involving former Pro Bowl cornerback Marion Lattimore of the New Orleans Saints could occur. Bill Barnwell of ESPN offered several trade prospects, and his first major prediction was that Lattimore will end up in the Jacksonville Jaguars. He contends that Lattimore’s trade market will be more restricted than anyone anticipates due to his age, injury history, and price. Even though this might be the case, he had a strong season last year, logging 39 tackles and one interception.

Even though he isn’t the same player as before, a team still needs to make a sacrifice in order to get him. According to the same source, the Jaguars could acquire him with just a fourth-round pick. But Lattimore’s arrival in Jacksonville would simply mean a reunion with Ryan Nielsen, the former Saints assistant. The Jaguars’ camaraderie would improve as a result of this. Last season, they didn’t play the best secondary defense after removing veteran Darious Williams.

Lattimore’s contract was adjusted by the Saints to lower his 2024 cap impact. The Ohio State product should now have the freedom to advance. But with 17 missed games in the last two seasons, any team that signs Lattimore is taking a risk. Even though he has only allowed one touchdown and fewer than 12.0 yards per catch throughout that time, he is still performing at a good level.

Lattimore has been the subject of trade rumors throughout the entire offseason. If he can stay healthy, the Jaguars won’t be the only team interested in his services. However, Jacksonville isn’t the only team that’s in the mix for the veteran for a trade. It’ll be interesting to see what the Saints do next month after the post-June 1 cuts and if they’re willing to say goodbye to Lattimore.

Blockbuster Trade May Come Soon For Former Pro Bowler Marshon Lattimore

Houston Texans Connected To Him As Well

The next team the Jaguars might consider trading for Lattimore is the Texans. The Ohio State player has been fanning trade rumors by liking posts regarding possible trades. Although it wasn’t a general message, it did imply that he would like to work with the Texans and C.J. Stroud. It is unlikely that this deal will occur this month; instead, teams will wait until the first of the month to make the move.

This trade would probably make more sense for Lattimore at this point in his career. He isn’t getting any younger and any chance he can get involved in a potential Super Bowl run would be an intrigue for him. The Saints doesn’t sound like a promising place for him to get his ring. No one should be surprised if he requests for his trade this summer.

In an attempt to improve their offense, Houston acquired Stefon Diggs, and since then, fans are going crazy. When it comes to assisting their secondary, they can make the same choice. There will undoubtedly be other teams interested in Lattimore because he is still one of the greatest corners in the league. These are a few of the Lattimore-appropriate team trade fits.

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