Breaking: Yankees Closing In On Talks To Sign Cardinals Star On Deadline

Breaking: Yankees Closing In On Talks To Sign Cardinals Star On Deadline

The New York Yankees are off to a terrific start led by Juan Soto and Aaron Judge. However, the club could still benefit from depth and more production at some positions. One position that could use some added production is first base. The Yankees could benefit from adding Paul Goldschmidt, according to The Athletic’s Jim Bowden.

The MLB trade deadline is often filled with surprises. clubs that are looking to the future frequently part with great players, whereas clubs that perceive a chance to win a World Series are ready to offload their farm system to accomplish so. The St. Louis Cardinals have been successful in the past decade, but recent results do not indicate a postseason run.

The Cardinals may opt to trade veteran staples such as Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado in favor of younger players for the future. The 2022 National League MVP could “make some sense” for the Yankees, according to Bowden.

Goldschmidt’s Fit on the Yankees

Goldschmidt has spent the past six seasons with the Cardinals. The seven-time All-Star has not performed as well in 2024 as he has in other years, but he may still contribute to the Yankees if moved.

“I think it depends on how Goldschmidt performs between now and the trade deadline,” Bowden wrote of the prospect of adding Goldschmidt. “If he proves over the next several months that he is an upgrade over [Anthony] Rizzo or in a platoon with him, I will consider it. He’s still an excellent first-base defender, a clubhouse leader, and a proven winner.”

Rizzo, a three-time All-Star, began the season slowly. He’s slicing.257/.321/.393 for the year. Goldschmidt is suffering in 2024, but given his track record of accomplishment, he has the potential to turn things around.

Goldschmidt has a.211 batting average and a.594 OPS through 47 games this season. He has just four home homers this season. However, his last 12 games have demonstrated signs of improvement. He has a.250 batting average and a.707 OPS over that time.

Goldschmidt has a 45.4 hard hit % in 2024. That number is higher than his two All-Star seasons in 2016 and 2018.

Goldschmidt’s Resume and Contract

In addition to his MVP and seven All-Star selections, Goldschmidt owns five Silver Sluggers and four Gold Glove Awards. The 36-year-old will become a free agent after this season.

“I wouldn’t overpay for Goldschmidt, who will turn 37 in September, considering he’s a rental and has the same age and decline issues as Rizzo,” stated Bowden. “However, to deepen the lineup and protect against future injuries, it makes some sense.”

The Yankees haven’t have much depth at first base this year. In 2024, only Oswaldo Cabrera and Rizzo will play first base for the Yankees.

With DJ LeMahieu’s return, Cabrera’s playing time at third base may decrease, likely leading to more time shared with Rizzo. However, a deal for Goldschmidt would allow Cabrera to play a utility position off the bench.

Despite the short sample size, Goldschmidt has had success hitting at Yankee Stadium. He has a.385 batting average, one home run, and a 1.000 OPS in three games.

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