Breaking: Buffalo Bills Closing In On Deal To Sign $15.2 Million Pro Bowl Free Agent

Breaking: Buffalo Bills Closing In On Deal To Sign $15.2 Million Pro Bowl Free Agent

The Buffalo Bills, an AFC contender, are reportedly the greatest match to sign Pro Bowl free agent Justin Simmons this summer. One of the better veterans is still on the market, but he could sign with a new team shortly. However, the Bills have made numerous changes in their secondary this offseason, losing long-time safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer. This year, Buffalo drafted Utah safety Cole Bishop in the second round to fill the vacancy.

According to rumors, the Bills could consider adding a veteran, with Simmons serving as insurance. Buffalo may be high on Bishop, but they require someone with experience to replace Hyde and Poyer. The Bills are interested in getting Hyde back, but speculations suggest he will retire until he returns to Buffalo. The team’s expectation of Bishop to be a consistent starter on a Super Bowl-caliber squad is perhaps unrealistic.

Simmons should be the starting safety in this squad, with Bishop serving as the backup. He’s probably the best available free-agent safety aside from Jamal Adams, who is still available. The veteran has been consistent in his ball output, totaling 30 interceptions since 2016. According to Marcus Mosher of The 33rd Team, Simmons could immediately improve the Bills’ ailing secondary.

They’ve been going with some major changes this offseason so adding one rookie just won’t cut it for the team. The Bills would need more than one player with proven experience to be a leader of this defense. They had that with Poyer last season but he isn’t with the team anymore. Simmons’ addition would help Bishop work at a slower pace in his first year.

AFC Contender Buffalo Bills Named “Best Fit” To Add Pro Bowl Free Agent Justin Simmons

Is He The Same Player?

Simmons may not be the same player he was at the outset of his NFL career. However, his availability and the numbers he can put up while rebuilding a defense are exactly what the Bills need. He isn’t the long-term solution, but he’s an excellent stopgap until the rookie is ready to take over services. Simmons is coming off a season in which he was named to the Pro Bowl and earned second-team All-Pro accolades, totaling 70 tackles, three interceptions, and eight passes defensed.

Many pundits may be scratching their heads as to why the Broncos were so readily letting rid of their best player. Simmons has shown to be a durable player, participating in at least 15 games in six of the last seven seasons. However, they made the transfer mainly for the salary cap, freeing up space for other incoming younger players. Since Hyde does not appear to be returning this season, they may take Simmons for the time being.

The Broncos are focusing on figuring out a contract extension for Courtland Sutton so there are no plans to bring back Simmons. They’re not financially ready to bring back one of their players and they may make one more trade before the upcoming year. Here are some potential destinations for the All-Pro safety.

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