Breaking: Jaguars Faces Harsh Punishment For NFL Policy Violation

Breaking: Jaguars Faces Harsh Punishment For NFL Policy Violation

The Jacksonville Jaguars could face penalty from the NFL due to a lawsuit filed against Brandon McManus. Witnesses claim the team broke league protocol on the trip where the former Jaguars kicker was accused of assaulting two women.

The regulation prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the Jacksonville plane during team travel. This week, Mike Florio of NBC Sports provided an update on the situation for football fans.

If alcohol was served or consumed during the flight, the Jaguars might face disciplinary action from the league.

In November 2022, a pair of incidents involving apparent and/or actual alcohol use on team flights prompted the NFL to issue a stern reminder to all clubs about the applicable rule. After former Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing was arrested for DUI on the plane from Green Bay after a Thursday night win, and Commanders players were disciplined for having beer on the team plane from Philly after a Monday night win, the league warned of harsher penalties in the future.

Florio cited two earlier occurrences in that possible punishment, citing examples of the league’s response when the alcohol code was previously broken.

In 2022, Todd Downing, coach of the Tennessee Titans, was arrested for DUI. The timeline suggests he was drinking aboard the team plane.In the same span, Commanders players were disciplined for drinking on a flight.

According to Florio, the NFL intends to impose harsher punishments for future violations.

Given the presence of marijuana on the plane and Brandon McManus’ current lawsuit, it’s likely that this will be the case.

In that suit, two women allege that the kicker assaulted them by “rubbing himself against them” on the flight, which they claim quickly “turned into a party.”

According to ESPN’s [Michael] DiRocco, the ladies claim that “McManus recruited three other flight attendants to the party and passed out $100 bills to encourage them to drink and dance inappropriately for him.”

The women say that Brandon McManus’ activities have caused them significant mental agony, worry, psychological and emotional suffering, embarrassment, and humiliation.

Brandon McManus is already in hot water given the lawsuit filed against him. The Jacksonville Jaguars might soon be, too.

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