Report: Hornets sign another mega star to the team for 76million

The Charlotte Hornets have been busy this summer, making significant moves to bolster their roster for the upcoming season. In addition to drafting Brandon Miller with the second overall pick, the team has signed several other players to round out their lineup.

One of the most notable signings is Nick Smith Jr., a talented guard from Arkansas who was selected by the Hornets with the 27th overall pick in the NBA Draft. Smith Jr. impressed in the NBA Summer League, showcasing his skills and potential to become a valuable asset for the team.

Another addition to the Hornets’ roster is James Nnaji, a young and promising forward from the University of Arizona. Nnaji was selected by the Hornets in the second round of the draft (31st overall) and has already shown flashes of his potential in the Summer League. Despite being one of the youngest players in the draft, Nnaji has demonstrated a surprising level of comfort and skill on the court.

The Hornets also signed Amari Bailey, a talented guard from UCLA, to a two-way contract. Bailey was selected in the second round of the draft (41st overall) and impressed in the Summer League with his ability to score and pressure the rim. While he will likely spend most of the season with the Hornets’ G-League affiliate in Greensboro, Bailey has shown promise and could potentially see minutes with the main squad.

These signings, combined with the addition of Brandon Miller, signal a clear direction for the Hornets’ franchise. The team is building around young talent, with a focus on developing players who can grow and improve together. This approach may not yield immediate results, but it sets the stage for long-term success and sustainability.

The Hornets’ offseason moves have been met with excitement and optimism from fans, who see the potential for a bright future with this young core. While there may be growing pains along the way, the team’s commitment to developing their players and building a strong foundation is a promising sign for things to come.

In conclusion, the Charlotte Hornets have made significant strides this summer in building a talented and promising roster. With the additions of Brandon Miller, Nick Smith Jr., James Nnaji, and Amari Bailey, the team is poised for a bright future and a potential return to the playoffs in the near future.

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