Breaking: Flyers stall In Negotiation For $10 million Top Forward, Signing Still Possible

Breaking: Flyers stall In Negotiation For $10 million Top Forward, Signing Still Possible

It’s time for another round of NHL rumors. The 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Final will feature the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers, but there’s also plenty to talk about with other clubs. Clubs that were eliminated early or did not qualify for the playoffs must start over. Some teams have already started trying to lock down their own players. However, it may be easier said than done. Today’s NHL rumors center on the Philadelphia Flyers’ negotiations with one of its key players.

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Philadelphia Flyers Negotiation Update on Top Forward

Rumour: According to Anthony Di Marco of The Fourth Period, discussions between Travis Konecny and the Flyers have yet to begin. There appears to be a financial disparity between the two sides.

Analysis: Konecny has been a bright spot on the Flyers’ offense, which is still a work in progress. Philadelphia was in postseason contention for much of the season, but a late-season collapse cost them their playoff spot. Konecny had 33 goals and 35 assists in 76 games this season. The London, Ontario native does have one more season on his current deal, which pays him $5.5 million. Konecny seeks a well-deserved raise from the team.

Give and Take

According to Di Marco, Konecny wants $10 million, while the Flyers prefer $8-8.5 million. Some Flyers fans may be anxious after hearing how far apart the two sides are. Di Marco, on the other hand, is quick to calm down any unnecessary anxiety.

It is typical for two parties to give various numbers before settling on a compromise. Kevin Kurz of The Athletic compared Konecny’s predicament to that of New Jersey Devils player Timo Meier. The 2015 draftee agreed to an eight-year, $70.4 million contract with the Devils. Meier’s stats are comparable to Konecny’s, which Flyers General Manager Daniel Briere may consider.

The rising salary cap means that Konecny will likely get just a little bit more than Meier. Something around $9 million might be the number for the 27-year-old winger. Konecny can sign a contract extension on July 1 since he’ll be entering the last year of his deal.

Risk vs Reward

Konecny may be experiencing age-related difficulties. Meier was turning 27 when his new contract began. However, Konecny will be 28 years and six months old when his next deal begins. Di Marco points out that the Flyers will be taking a gamble based only on age. The Flyers may also have an advantage in terms of forward depth.Owen Tippett received a big deal after being placed on a wing.Bobby Brink and Samu Tuomaala are potential top-tier wingers.

Despite this, Konecny is still the highest-producing winger on the roster. He might want to get a move on when it comes to a deal. This is because a new prospect may be coming to town sooner than people think.

Matvei Michkov may arrive in North America sooner than expected, according to reports. The KHL standout and former first-round pick might be in the mix before Konecny’s contract is completed. Having Michkov sign a contract before Konecny may be helpful for Philadelphia. The Flyers would most likely avoid giving Konecny an eight-figure contract because Michkov is expected to be a mainstay on the top line for the next decade.

According to Di Marco, the Flyers and Konecny are currently in friendly talks. A deal will most likely be completed sooner rather than later, with details trickling in until the transaction is completed.

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