Breaking: Seahawks May Be Forced To Trade $30 Million Superstar In Blockbuster Deal

Breaking: Seahawks May Be Forced To Trade $30 Million Superstar In Blockbuster Deal

The Seattle Seahawks may trade receiver Tyler Lockett, a former third-round choice, this offseason.Rumors are circulating that the Seahawks should consider trading the Pro Bowler to gain draft money. The team is having some financial difficulties because they are absorbing a $30 million cap hit for its long-time player. Lockett has already demonstrated his ability on the field, but his production has dwindled since last season.

His 894 receiving yards were among Lockett’s fewest since 2017. New coaches Mike Macdonald and Ryann Grubb will lead the offense, signaling a fresh start for the wideout. If his skills do not improve during training camp, the Seahawks may consider dealing him. However, the organization and Lockett are loyal to each other, but how long does this last? Given that Macdonald and Grubb were not there as Lockett was, the new leaders in town could initiate a trade.

The 2024 season will be Lockett’s tenth with the Seattle Seahawks. The veteran is becoming acquainted with the new system, which may be a clear indication that he is staying. However, there is no certainty that he will be a starter in Week 1. Lockett made an effort to stay with the organization by accepting a modified deal, but this does not guarantee a roster position.

The Seahawks are still a decent club, but they aren’t Super Bowl contenders, so Lockett may consider this. However, the veteran is fed up with the whispers about his name. After thanking the media, he appears to be reluctant to leave. Moving forward would be difficult for both parties, but everything is possible.

Seahawks May Shockingly Trade Former Third-Round Pick Tyler Lockett

He Looks to Bounce Back

Jaxon Smith-Njigba, an up-and-coming receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, has gained popularity among fans. Pete Carroll isn’t around anymore, and with some new faces on the roster, they prefer him over Lockett, who has been with the Seahawks the longest. However, if they decide to trade Lockett, they will not get anything exceptional in return. Seattle would draw a lot of attention from teams since they need a receiver.

The Seahawks would probably be better off retaining Lockett in their arsenal. The Seahawks’ best offer for Lockett is likely to be a third or fourth-round pick in 2025. It’s Lockett’s year to bounce back and regroup in this new offensive system, but if the organization considers him a liability, he might be released. However, one must remember the type of player he is when he is at his peak.

From 2019 to 2022, he has four seasons with 1,000 yards or more. This trade is unlikely to occur soon, although it could happen unexpectedly, similar to the Stephen Diggs transaction. Here are some potential trade options for Lockett.

Potential Trade Fits for Lockett

The Chiefs require a receiver with at least six years in the tank while they establish the wideouts they have. If Marquise Brown does not work out for the team, Lockett would most likely be a great replacement. He isn’t trustworthy on vertical passes, but the speedster may be entertaining for Patrick Mahomes. Consider the fact that the Chiefs haven’t had much luck with their receivers since Tyreek Hill left.

However, the Ravens’ offense is potential, with the only weakness being a lack of receiver depth. Rashod Bateman will return for a few more years, but he hasn’t stood out in comparison to Zay Flowers. The AFC competition isn’t getting any easier, so it’s best to give Lamar Jackson as many weapons as can. However, the Saints’ receiving roster is definitely one of the worst in the NFC.

The only promising wideout they likely have is Chris Olave, so Dennis Allen should think twice about throwing Derek Carr out there. If he wants significant results this season, he should trade for someone like Lockett to be a locker-room leader.

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