Breaking: Sabres set to swoop in and make a deal to sign 6′4″, 225 lb left winger

Breaking: Sabres set to swoop in and make a deal to sign 6′4″, 225 lb left winger

We discussed potential Buffalo Sabres deals and free agent signings. This summer will most likely determine General Manager Kevyn Adams’ future with the team. Although he has stated his goals for the offseason, he should focus on acquiring a player with certain skills that the Sabres lack.

A few months back, I wrote about how the Sabres could style their game after the Florida Panthers. Buffalo lacked physicality and toughness. For my ideal trade, the Sabres should contact the Ottawa Senators and attempt to arrange a deal for Brady Tkachuk.

Tkachuk, like his brother Matthew, would be an ideal addition to the Sabres’ roster. Brady scored 37 goals, assisted 37 times, and accumulated 134 penalty minutes in 81 games. Even though he has a cap hit of $8,205,714, his playing style is exactly what Buffalo requires.

My main issue is whether the Senators will move him to a team in the same division as them. Both Ottawa and Buffalo are young, skilled teams looking to restructure and develop for the future. While they have not made the playoffs, there is no disputing that the talent exists.

My belief is that the Senators would not want to move the face of their organization, but if he is available, the Sabres should step in and negotiate a transaction. I’m sure the price will be expensive, but Buffalo needs to take the next step and make the playoffs.

Adding Brady to the mix could help the process, and he would be a valuable addition to the roster. With his scoring ability and penchant to get under the opposition team’s skin, I’d love to see Adams grab him from Ottawa.

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