Breaking: Commanders Closing In On Deal To Sign Former $119 Million NFL Record Holder Free Agent

Breaking: Commanders Closing In On Deal To Sign Former $119 Million NFL Record Holder Free Agent

The Washington Commanders are a potential possibility for NFL record-holder free agency Michael Thomas this offseason.A source suggests that the Commanders could combine Jayden Daniels with one of the market’s top wideouts. According to many sources, Thomas can be a dependable veteran if he maintains good health. However, free agency has not treated the veteran well this summer, and it is only a matter of time before he finds a new NFL home.

Given that he leads the league in single-season receptions, it’s logical to expect him to join a team shortly. However, he is not the same prolific receiver as before, which may deter some organizations from contacting him. Thomas has only played in 13 games over the last three seasons, so it’s safe to conclude his career is winding down. Health is a worry for many rosters, which is why he isn’t getting much attention.

According to a source, Thomas would provide the Commanders with a unique perspective if he were healthy. He’s a bigger target than Jahan Dotson and Terry McLaurin, so he should fit in nicely with the attack. The incoming receiver, Luke McCaffrey, may be a mismatch, but adding Thomas might provide Daniels with a complete wideout package. Thomas might be a good slot receiver who catches passes on the perimeter.

However, they will likely give Thomas a boost over Dotson to be the opposite of McLaurin to catch deep balls on the vertical route. Daniels is going to need another special receiver on the opposite side to give him the experience to see what he can do with his arm talent. Thomas acts as a quarterback-friendly receiver so he could make those clutch catches.

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