Report: Mets agrees terms with MVP to terminate his contract due to team crisis

Mets star Pete Alonso is expected to be the biggest name moved at the trade deadline, according to reports.
The New York Mets have gone from World Series contenders to near-bottom feeders in a very short period of time. Not long ago, the Mets were spending like crazy to bring a championship back to New York. However, in the present day, New York may be on the approach of offloading critical assets in order to establish a more successful future. It is not an ideal situation for anyone on the squad, but in order to have a future, they may have to sacrifice the present.

This year has not gone as planned for them, and with the MLB trade deadline soon coming, New York is expected to be a major factor. They have numerous components that will pique the curiosity of competing teams, but none are more important than star first baseman Pete Alonso.

Alonso has been the subject of trade speculations for quite some time, with his impending free agency at the end of the season. The two sides have been unable to reach an agreement to assure his long-term future in Queens, thus the organization is seriously considering relocating him.


According to MLB insider Jim Bowden of The Athletic, Alonso is the most prominent player who could be traded at the deadline.

If the Mets sell Alonso, whomever acquires him must be confident in their ability to re-sign him to a lucrative contract. He’s likely to want a huge contract. The Mets will most certainly want a high price for him. No team will trade for him unless they are confident that they will be able to keep him in the future. Dealing with Alonso is probably in New York’s best interests, even if it may hurt in the short term. Bowden explains.





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