Breaking News: Saints MVP to depart team as he is not satisfy with new contract

NFL insider reveals what Alvin Kamara is asking for in contract talks with the Saints.
Alvin Kamara’s contract status with the New Orleans Saints became public after he abandoned mandatory minicamp. Here’s what the star running back wants.

On the final day of the New Orleans Saints’ obligatory minicamp, star running back Alvin Kamara fled the facility before practice began. It was a clever move, as Kamara’s representative promptly stated that the departure was contract-related. This is when fans and media members learnt about a contract dispute that had been simmering in private for months.

While Kamara’s representative stated that there is a contract issue, it was unclear what the veteran running back is looking for. Everyone has concluded that 2024 is essentially the final season of Kamara’s contract, as he is due $25 million in 2025. With that said, it has been assumed that Kamara is looking for an extension.

Jeremy Fowler, an NFL reporter, went into greater depth during a Sunday interview on SportCenter. Fowler said he’s heard Kamara is willing to sign a revised two-year contract. So, technically, he isn’t even looking for an extension; he’s just rewriting the current two years of the contract so that it works for him and the team.

“I’m told Kamara is willing to do a modified two-year agreement that strengthens his assurances in year one. They have talked about it. So far, there isn’t much momentum. We’ll see how things shake out. If nothing is done by late July, he may miss training camp.”

– Jeremy Fowler
Kamara looks for a modified two-year deal with the Saints
According to Fowler, Kamara is due $11.8 million this season and $25 million next year. With a revised contract that gives Kamara more money this year, he should be comfortable heading into the season, regardless of what happens next offseason. Contracts are all about money and long-term security. So the Saints can either extend Kamara or promise him more money in 2024.

Kamara remains an outstanding running back, but New Orleans is unlikely to pay him beyond this season if the team isn’t competitive. That is why the 2024 season will be critical to the franchise’s success. But, first and foremost, the Saints and Kamara must reach an agreement by the start of the season.



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