Almost Done: Commanders set to benefit more as they close in on deal to reunite $65 million WR with former teammate

Almost Done: Commanders set to benefit more as they close in on deal to reunite $65 million WR with former teammate

Contract negotiations between Brandon Aiyuk and the San Francisco 49ers are seemingly getting more tense as time drags along.

In the most recent update in this ongoing story, Aiyuk tweeted a cryptic TikTok, showing him facetiming Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels and claiming, “They said they don’t want me back.”

Many believe Aiyuk is referring to the possibility that his time as a Niner is coming to an end.

Given this possibility, many are speculating on prospective landing spots, including the Cardinals, Chargers, Commanders, Patriots, and Steelers, according to Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports.

Of these possible suitors, the Commanders, who are seeking to shake the bad reputation that the Dan Snyder period has left them with, should do everything they can to attract Aiyuk to the nation’s capital.

Acquiring Aiyuk would signal to the league that the Commanders are serious about turning things around. Additionally, it would alleviate some of the load on people within the organization.

Here are a three Commanders who will benefit the most from adding Aiyuk.

Terry McLaurin

There are various reasons why introducing Aiyuk to the Commanders would be extremely beneficial to the organization. For instance, teaming Aiyuk and McLaurin would give Washington a dangerous receiver combo. McLaurin has reached 1,000 yards as a receiver in four of his five NFL seasons, falling 81 yards shy in his rookie year. Aiyuk, who finished eighth in receiving yards with 1,342 last season, is easily the most talented receiver McLaurin has ever played with.

The two, along with pass-catching back Austin Ekeler, will force defenders to be honest while providing plenty of opportunities for each other to make plays.

 Jayden Daniels

Aiyuk’s experience with Daniels also strengthens Washington’s case. In 2019, the two played together at Arizona State, where Aiyuk scored eight of Daniels’ 17 passing touchdowns. The connection between these two appears to extend beyond the field, since Daniels was the one Aiyuk spoke with during the TikTok. Having a familiar face could help Daniels get his bearings fast as he begins his professional career.

Reuniting college quarterbacks and receivers has become a popular trend in the NFL in recent years, with pairings such as Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase, Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith, and Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle proving successful.

Kliff Kingsbury

Last season, the Commanders were 18th in overall passing yards and 24th in total yards per game. In his first season as offensive coordinator, Kingsbury will face a daunting task. Historically, he has enjoyed using an Air Raid offense, and adding someone like Aiyuk, who is coming off his greatest season as a professional, will offer Washington an immediate lift.

Securing him long-term might provide the squad with an offensive basis on which to build as they strive to construct a winning brand of football.

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