Report: Yankees plotting trade for key Star to solve team weakness

With a rehab assignment beginning, the Yankees are looking for vital bullpen reinforcements.
The New York Yankees’ bullpen has recently had numerous issues, prompting pitching coach Matt Blake to make considerable changes. In response to underperformance, the team terminated some players and demoted others to the minors, while bringing in new pitchers to help stabilize the situation.
Scott Effross: Reinforcements for the Yankees Bullpen
Among the bullpen shuffles, 30-year-old Scott Effross stands out as a strong reinforcement who is expected to make a huge effect in the weeks ahead.

Effross, acquired from the Chicago Cubs in 2022, has showed promise as a competent bullpen pitcher capable of handling high-pressure circumstances. Prior to his Tommy John surgery, he had a promising 2.54 ERA and 2.46 FIP across 56.2 innings, striking out 9.85 batters per nine innings with a 66.9% left-on-base rate and a 44.6% ground ball rate.
Effross’ Unique Pitching Style
Effross’ throwing style is defined by a low release point that generates significant spin and deception, making it difficult for batters to read his offerings.

In 2022, he ranked in the top 94th and 95th percentiles for offspeed run value and xERA. Despite his fastball’s modest average speed of 90.4 mph, he has demonstrated exceptional ability to create swings on pitches outside the strike zone while minimizing quality contact.

His arsenal consists of a slider, sinker, changeup, and four-seam fastball. His slider, in particular, has been excellent, posting a.149 batting average against, 27 strikeouts, and a 30.1% whiff percentage in 2022. This pitch stands out for its substantial vertical and horizontal movement, which resembles the unpredictable route of a wiffleball. While his sinker has occasionally been hit hard, it is critical in generating ground balls.

Effross hasn’t pitched in a major league game in nearly a year, but his early rehab appearances have been encouraging. In his first two outings with the Yankees’ Single-A affiliate in Tampa, he allowed only one hit in three innings while striking out four batters. The Yankees are taking a cautious approach to his recovery, giving him enough rest between games and gradually increasing his workload to ensure he recovers to full health without further setbacks.

As the team goes through this transitional period, Effross’ return might provide a much-needed boost to the bullpen, bringing both quality and experience to a unit hungry to restore its former reliability.

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