Skysport Report: Rams QB set to depart

Does Matthew Stafford’s durability for the Rams this season pose a threat?
Is LA to be concerned about this?
After a surprise appearance in the postseason last year, the Los Angeles Rams are hoping to return there in 2024. The Rams ought to be among the top NFC teams once more if past performance is any guide.

Distractions are the last thing the Rams need, though, since they are a squad focused on winning the Super Bowl. Although no member of the squad has done anything that would be construed as distracting, every team has the potential to have a season completely changed by unforeseen circumstances.

Matthew Stafford’s contract negotiations are still going on for the Rams. According to Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic, the team’s main worry going into training camp is Stafford’s contract disputes.
In April, Rams head coach Sean McVay stated that Stafford desired additional assurances on his current contract. In the spring of 2022, Stafford inked a four-year, $160 million contract, with a $63 million guarantee. However, none of the money is guaranteed beyond this season. Stafford might be attempting to make it known that he intends to play once his current deal expires. As he attended every required and optional session this spring, there isn’t yet a “problem” with this.

However, given the approaching training camp, it will be necessary for all parties to advance this discussion beyond the meager strides made in the spring. The Rams lack an experienced backup in the event that Stafford chooses to hold out and pay fines because Jimmy Garoppolo is suspended for Weeks 1 and 2. Would Stafford actually skip the Detroit opening, though?

Although Stafford participated in OTAs this summer, there might come a day when he feels mistreated by the team. He might hold out if this takes place, which would be a significant issue for Los Angeles.

Stafford proved last season that he was still a capable quarterback at his advanced age. He was selected for the Pro Bowl and plans to continue performing well this year.

The Rams would be better off just paying him if they wanted to steer clear of any possible problems. Though only time will tell how this all turns out, he did assist them in winning the Super Bowl not so long ago.

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