‘Dig into his pocket’: Denny Hamlin calls for NASCAR to punish Carson Hocevar

‘Dig into his pocket’: Denny Hamlin calls for NASCAR to punish Carson Hocevar

Denny Hamlin said on “Actions Detrimental” podcast Monday that NASCAR should fine Carson Hocevar for intentionally spinning Harrison Burton under caution during Sunday’s Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway.

Hamlin referred to Hocevar’s status as a repeat offender. Last season, Hocevar attempted to intentionally damage a driver in a Truck Series race and was penalized two laps.

“I’m gonna call on NASCAR here — they need to do something to Carson,” Hamlin said. “They don’t need to suspend him or anything, but they should dig into his pocket a little bit because I believe you have to — whenever someone appears before a judge, they always consider their past history. And we saw this happen when he was in the Truck Series; I believe he rear ended someone under warning at Martinsville.

“Carson goes through these moments where he’ll be fine and then all of a sudden, he’ll just lose it. Certainly, Harrison took exception to it as he should. The 77 crashed him under caution. You need to dig into his pocket. Points is whatever, I don’t really know if he cares about points. … You gotta do something.”

Harrison Burton comments on being intentionally spun by Carson Hocevar

The collision occurred with 56 laps remaining in the race’s last stage, and Hocevar was upset by Burton’s racing style.

“He wrecked you under green, he wrecked you under caution,” Burton was told over the radio.

Burton responded, “I’m f***ing over.” I am done with it. He just destroyed me with caution because I blocked him on the backstretch. “He can kiss my ass.”

Burton eventually wrecked out of the race and finished 28th. Meanwhile, Hocevar finished in 16th place. Following the race, Burton summarized the scenario from his perspective.

“I don’t know, he blocks everyone every week and I blocked him once and he decided to try and wreck me under yellow,” Burton said. “So, I don’t know. He’s on a lot of people’s lists as guys they don’t like racing. So, it kind of shows you why.”

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