Report: San Francisco 49ers confirm the signing of Trent Williams replacement


On July 19, Williams will turn 36. Although Trent is currently among the finest in the field, one can never predict when Father Time will catch up with him. When Father Time gets his way, there’s a significant drop-off in all sports. Although Williams’s contract expires after the 2026 campaign, the Niners would be lucky to have him playing tackle at the All-Pro level in only two years.

There isn’t a long-term option available right now. Although he hasn’t played much, Jaylon Moore has been the league’s swing tackle since his arrival in 2021. Although Spencer Burford played tackle in college, the 49ers immediately moved him to guard. Brandon Parker and Chris Hubbard seem like CYA signings or stopgaps if

While there is depth at guard, it is not present at tackle. In a mock draft conducted by ESPN, the 49ers are projected to select a lineman at selection No. 32 in 2025, seemingly following a Super Bowl victory.

32. 49ers of San Francisco

Oregon* Ajani Cornelius, OT

Although it was tempting to sign Ole Miss defensive lineman Walter Nolen or Ohio State cornerback Denzel Burke, the 49ers must fix the offensive line after once again disregarding a critical area in the 2024 offseason. With only four pressures allowed and zero sacks in his debut season, Cornelius shut down the right side of the Oregon defense. He fits the 49ers’ zone-blocking strategy with his length and lateral mobility at 6 feet 5 inches and 308 pounds.

Although I have little knowledge of Cornelius, I wonder if the Niners will no longer select an offensive lineman with their first selection in the draft as offensive line coach Chris Foerster advised investing in players who touch the ball and score touchdowns. When they did under the present administration, it was the only time they received top-10 production.



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