Espn Report: Mets trade target from Blue Jays have confirm he will be joining Mets

Someone David Stearns added to the Blue Jays in a previous trade could be a potential trade target for the Mets. He ought to try it once again.
Over the past several weeks, a lot of middle relievers have become familiar to New York Mets fans. It will go on until the end of July since the bullpen is where this club most urgently needs help.
There are two methods for reducing the pool of potential candidates. Naturally, the first place to look is to see who is pitching well in relief for Major League Baseball scrubs. Examining those whose contracts are about to expire can also help weed out a few more names.

A known pitcher for David Stearns is one potential trade target that is currently on the Toronto Blue Jays roster. Early in 2021, Stearns acquired Trevor Richards from the Tampa Bay Rays in a move that is best known for involving Willy Adames. With the Blue Jays losing ground in the American League race, Richards is having one of his best seasons and should be watched closely.

In what way does Trevor Richards fit the Mets’ needs?
This season, Richards has pitched 43.1 innings for the Blue Jays and is 1-0 with a 2.49 ERA. He has struck out hitters at an average of 8.5 per nine while walking batters 3.3 times per nine. These figures are hardly shocking.

But it’s his outstanding 0.83 WHIP that ought to have the Mets and other teams contacting the Blue Jays on a possible trade.
Richards is a special player who joined the Miami Marlins as a free agent in 2016 after going undrafted. He made his starting debut in 2021 and has made nine more starts, including two in 2024, since joining the Blue Jays after being sent away by the Stearns in the Rowdy Tellez trade. Those were the initial starts. Richards has been restricted to playing in mostly two frames this season, despite his ability to play numerous innings.

A player whose record hasn’t been nearly as strong as it has been this season is being acquired by the Mets. Although the 31-year-old has a strong track record, their 5.34 ERA in 2022 and 4.95 ERA in 2023 are still too recent to forget, so they won’t be willing to part with anything to get him. Reducing the number of home run balls appears to be one of the main enhancements. With a career total of 3.4%, he is now at a rate of 2.4%.

The contract is where Richards becomes the most alluring. With his $2.15 million salary this season, he hardly makes a dent in the Mets’ enormous payroll. If the Mets have to pay more in the luxury tax to get the right players, we shouldn’t expect them to hold off. Richards has the advantage that he shouldn’t obstruct any further advances.
Among the biggest surprises of the season so far is the Blue Jays. Carrying out any significant transactions, like the one involving Vladimir Guerrero Jr., might be too much for a team expecting to make the playoffs the next season. Richards is unique because his contract is about to expire.

The Mets would have to hope that his performance in his first 36 games for Toronto this season is indicative of what he can provide. He’s a guy you can quickly cut the connection with if things go wrong, and he does so at a reasonable cost and without a large income.

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