Unbelievable: Indianapolis Colts Star Receiver Is Under The Most Pressure As He’s About To Divorce High School Sweetheart

Unbelievable: Indianapolis Colts Star Receiver Is Under The Most Pressure As He’s About To Divorce High School Sweetheart

Everyone remembers Michael Pittman Jr., but few know about his high school sweetheart. Michael Pittman Jr., a great wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, started his career at USC before joining the NFL in 2020. Recall his debut against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He caught two passes in a difficult 27-20 loss. But let’s shift gears and chat about his better half, Kianna Galli Pittman.

Pittman’s wife is more than simply a spectator; she is part of the athlete’s journey; in December, fans praised her for spotting her husband’s injury. While Pittman succeeds on the field, it’s evident that Galli’s presence brings something unique to his life, both on and off the field.

Kianna Galli and Michael Pittman go way back to their high school days. In October 2020, Pittman Jr. popped the question, making their love official. The power couple doesn’t just rock on the field but also owns a YouTube channel, Michael and Kianna with more than 449k+ subscribers. Here, the couple lets their fans in on their off-field adventures now and then.

Despite her popularity, there are few details about her on the internet. But we can tell Kianna is highly active on Instagram, with over 68k followers. Her Instagram feed reveals that she is an adventurer and nature lover. Aside from that, she is the proud dog parent of what appears to be a striped Cane Corso named Bosco. Her Instagram feeds are full with stunning photos of her husband and two darling children. She just celebrated Valentine’s Day with her family at a remote island resort.

The high school sweethearts welcomed their daughter, Mila. Mila in 2021, during the Covid pandemic. Their happiness doubled after their second child, Michael Pittman III was born last year. Kianna’s exact age is not known, but multiple websites have reported that she is in her mid-twenties. But again, it’s the couple’s love story that’s worth a read.

The high school sweethearts’ journey

According to NFL Radar, Pittman and Kianna’s love affair began in high school, where they became closest friends despite their varied grades. Pittman once surprised Kianna by sneaking into her bedroom and leaving a Build-a-Bear and a beautiful message on her mirror.

He asked her to become his girlfriend. Of course, she said yes. They named the bear April, after the month in which they first met. Determined to make it work, they moved into their first USC apartment. Kianna worked two jobs while studying, and Pittman pursued his football goals. An interesting fact about them is that they went to the courts in August 2020 to get married, but became engaged three months later in October.

Here’s one key moment from this couple’s relationship that shows how tight the two are. In December, Kianna gained the spotlight for bringing Pittman Jr.’s concussion symptoms to light. She noticed that something was wrong with her husband. This led to the 26-year-old athlete timely reporting these symptoms to his team.

Not to mention, the young lady is an ardent football fan and keeps posting many “Game Day” pictures for her fans. Keep reading for more such interesting stories from off the field.

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