Announcement: Raiders Agree $60 Million Deal To Sign Free Agent QB Proven To Be A Capable Starter

Announcement: Raiders Agree $60 Million Deal To Sign Free Agent QB Proven To Be A Capable Starter

Finding a franchise quarterback in the NFL is not an easy task. That’s why the top 12 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft included a record six quarterbacks. The Las Vegas Raiders recognize the challenge of finding a quarterback, having not signed a rookie this summer.

Next year, it could be difficult to choose a potential quarterback. Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, is the most prominent potential free agent. He has an expiring contract, and an extension does not appear to be inevitable. According to Vic Tafur of The Athletic, the Raiders should seriously explore signing the quarterback for $160 million.

“So why not? In a July 2 mailbag, Tafur suggested that pursuing Dak Prescott, a talented 31-year-old quarterback, could be the only way for the Raiders to be successful this season. “Because it would be unlikely again that the Raiders would be able to trade up in the draft.”

Prescott has a no-trade clause in his deal, so the Cowboys will be unable to franchise tag him in the offseason. He has power over his own destiny, and if he decides to move on, the Raiders may be an intriguing destination.

Surely, the Raiders would prefer to draft a quarterback and take advantage of a rookie contract rather than potentially paying Prescott $60 million each season. However, as this year shown, it is not simple to get into a position to choose your preferred quarterback.

The Raiders were interested in former LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, but he was selected second overall by the Washington Commanders, therefore the Raiders did not have a chance to sign him. The Raiders’ chances in the Prescott sweepstakes are largely determined by the outcome of the 2024 season.

If Las Vegas wins eight or nine games in 2024, they won’t be in a position to draft a top quarterback. Now, depending on which teams pick in the top 10, it could be easier to trade up in 2025. There are just too many factors to know for sure if the Raiders will have a chance to draft a top quarterback. Regardless, Prescott should be on the team’s radar.

Not many appear to believe that Aidan O’Connell can be the franchise quarterback for the Raiders. He went 5-5 in 10 starts last season while throwing 12 touchdowns to seven interceptions. Those are solid numbers for a rookie and he’s proven he can at least be a capable starter.

The most significant difficulty for him is a lack of athletic potential. The NFL is beginning to prioritize quarterbacks who can make plays with their legs, and O’Connell has not demonstrated that ability. If he’s not going to move well, he needs to be lethal while throwing from the pocket, something he hasn’t demonstrated yet. This season will be vital for O’Connell’s chances of becoming the Raiders’ franchise quarterback.

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